Sunday, December 20, 2015

Barack Obama Travels On Your Roads!

Barack Obama gets name recognition.

Conservative are probably outraged that Barack Obama is getting name recognition. It happens to be those tax payer roads that conservatives travel on.

Rivera Beach, Florida decided to end to changed the name of Old Dixie Highway to President Barack Obama Highway.

President Barack Obama Highway has replaced the previous name, which harkens back to the slave-holding South. The move follows a 4-1 city council vote in August to remove the word “Dixie” from all public signage.

Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters, whose city is 66 percent black, spearheaded the effort to name the highway, which at one point intersects with a road named after civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr.

There are schools, roads, buildings, and yes animals named after the current 44th President of The United States.

The signs go up and the name will be official at the start of 2016.
East St. Louis, Illinois renamed 4th Avenue after Barack Obama. Off Interstate 55/64, the first officially named road after Barack Obama.
Many of the old Confederate "heroes" are being stripped of their honor. Jefferson Davis, the first and only president of the Confederacy was stripped of his title in New Orleans.

The council removed the Davis and Robert E. Lee memorials from Orleans Parish (of course New Orleans is consolidated-parished).

I used to work with this old lady who hated Obama so much, she would call him everything but the president. I got her so riled up when I said that Barack Obama is half-White. She said that he's always doing thing for Black people and them Mexicans. She hoped someone would attempt to assassinate him.

Thankfully she's no longer working at the job. She got herself fired out the cannon for misconduct.

But I bet you money that if my community decides to name a road after Obama, I bet she wouldn't travel it.

Oh, her name is Dixie. Cue the irony!

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