Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Ladies Of Comedy Are Not Joking About The Inept Congress!

Sofia Vergara added her voice to the campaign
Sofia Vergara joins entertainers in a public service announcement demanding Congress pass reasonable gun control laws. I can imagine Republicans are going to ignore them. I can see conservative agitators call them "limousine liberals".

Amy Schumer, Julliane Moore, Jennifer Anniston, Sarah Silverman, Sofia Vergara, Sarah Silverman, Nathan Lane, Debra Messing, Kevin Bacon, Michael J. Fox, Olivia Munn, and Kristen Schaal joined the president in a PSA. The entertainers plea to Congress do something about gun violence.

The PSA is called "We Can End Gun Violence".

"This new video sends a clear message that we will rally together to help end gun violence. The gun safety movement has grown tremendously over the past few years and what’s more: we’re winning. We’re defeating the gun lobby in statehouses across the country and making it clear that we won’t sit idly by while 88 Americans are killed by gun violence every day and hundreds more are injured," President Barack Obama said.

The recent San Bernardino shootings are now being morphed into an Islamic State themed terrorist attack. The terrorists murdered 14 people and injured 31. They were killed in a hail of gunfire.

The one before that was Colorado Springs. The terrorists was shooting at law enforcement and residents fleeing from the Planned Parenthood location. The terrorist murdered 3 people and injured 12. The law managed to apprehend the terrorist. He will face a jury on capital murder.

The one that didn't catch too much attention was in Colorado Springs. The terrorist went on to murder 4 people and injure many before the law put him down quickly.

The one before that was Umpqua Community College. The terrorist went on to murder 10 people and injure many before he would take his own life.

And we can go on and on and on and on....

The #NotOneMore campaign is launched by the Organizing for America campaign. The president is pressing for reasonable gun control laws.

Now Americans are starting to notice that gun violence is the number one threat in the United States.

#BlackLivesMatter, the Council on American Islam Relations (CAIR), Planned Parenthood, and other organizations are rallying people to demand change. They are demanding for Congress to change course or face an usurping.

Amy Schumer appeared in the video
Amy Schumer.
It's starting to work in a slow, painful and yes frustrating way.

People in the city of Chicago are calling for the firing of Rahm Emmanuel. The embattled mayor has seen his city seen mass murder on a daily basis. Even the police force is committing mass murder.

The people of Baltimore managed to get Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to fire herself out the cannon. Baltimore has seen many mass murders within this year. That doesn't include the death of Freddie Gray.

Jon Stewart of Comedy Central came to The Daily Show recently to slam House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate leader Mitch McConnell for failing to pass a simple law. He demands Congress pass the 9/11 Responders Health bill. Stewart was frustrated with lawmakers inserting partisan pork into bipartisan bills so they can blame the president for a government shutdown.

Stewart retired from the show and passed it to Trevor Noah.

These latest actions are starting to get attention by the junk food media. The junk food media is also getting tired of being labeled "liberal" by the agitators and presidential candidates. The junk food media gave the Republicans 3:1 television coverage.

And yet, the conservative concern trolls ignore all the pleas.

I've seen it in the comment section. I've seen it in the social media pages. I've heard it on radio, teleivsion, print, and internet websites. All I hear from conservatives is tongue and nothing more.

Republicans are so freaking inept. The Republican candidates running for president, the Congress and the conservative agitators spent more time pissing off Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and women.

Liberalism (or perhaps progressive views) are on the rise in the United States. Conservatives are trying to delay and/or deny the inevitable.

They don't see that their policies are out of touch with the United States. The rise of Donald Trump is possibly one of the recent surges in conservatism.

I can imagine that annoying conservative agitator calling them limousine liberals.

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