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The Law Leaks In Tamir Rice Case!

The Cuyahoga County prosecutor is taking evidence from "experts" who believe the law's account of the fatal shooting of 12-year old Tamir Rice.

I am amazed that the law would be so willing to do a document dump in this high profile shooting.

As I check the wires, I hear that the officer who fatally shot Tamir Rice in November 2014 may walk a free man.

Timothy Loehmann became a focal point of a state investigation. The rookie officer aided by his partner Frank Garmback arrived on a call that a man was waving a gun around.

The dispatcher received a call from a man saying that there's a man in his "20s" pointing a gun at people at a community center, he said that it probably "looks fake". The dispatcher failed to tell the officers that about the possibility of the gun being "fake".

So as the officers arrive on scene within a few seconds, Loehmann would fatally shoot Tamir.

Tamir would die of his injuries the next day. This would put Loehmann and Garmback on ice pending a grand jury indictment. It also launched a federal probe into the Cleveland Police.
The moment when those idiots pulled up and fired on Tamir.
Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty said a grand jury will decide whether Officer Timothy Loehmann and his partner, Frank Garmback, will face charges.

The two reports, as well as a third one by the Highway Patrol, were posted on the prosecutor's website Saturday night.

"These cases are, by their very nature, different than other matters that come to our office," McGinty said in a written statement. "They demand a higher level of public scrutiny as well as a careful evaluation of the officer's conduct and whether, under law, those actions were reasonable under the circumstances."

S. Lamar Sims, the senior chief deputy district attorney in Denver, wrote one of the reports and concludes Loehmann's decision to shoot Rice as he approached the officers was "objectively reasonable"

"There can be no doubt that Rice's death was tragic and, indeed, when one considers his age, heartbreaking," Sims writes in his report. "However, for all of the reasons discussed herein, I conclude that Officer Loehmann's belief that Rice posed a threat of serious physical harm or death was objectively reasonable as was his response to that perceived threat."

The family of Tamir slammed this. They said that these "experts" are trying to justify a reckless call by an officer who is unfit to wear the uniform.
Loehmann is on ice pending a grand jury decision.
"Any presentation to a grand jury -- without the prosecutor advocating for Tamir -- is a charade," Chandra said. "To get so-called experts to assist in the whitewash -- when the world has the video of what happened -- is all the more alarming."

Chandra criticized the experts as "pro-police" and said it was obvious from the video that the officers never assessed the situation.

"Reasonable jurors could find that conduct unreasonable," he said, adding that the family believes the prosecutor "is working diligently to ensure that there is no indictment.

Matter of fact, the leak of information is a deliberate attempt to bias the case.

For you see, concern troll are already blaming the victim for his own death. They don't see that the state of Ohio is an open carry state. Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to carry in public.

The person who called dispatch saw a 5'7" man in reality he was a 12 year old boy.

The concern troll says stuff like this.

Eiden Babaoghli · 
It's very easy to talk tough and say that yall would not have done what the police officer did, when yall have never been in that situation. Gun call in a park: the first thing you're thinking is "someone is about to become an active shooter in a densely populated area". The responses and actions all stem from there. Sure, we have open carry laws, and officers should have common sense. But in a tense situation, sometimes the price of inaction is innocent lives. I just want to remind everyone that we were not there, and we do not know that officers state of mind. Secondly, we do not know, in any way, how this affected that officer. Like any good man, im sure shooting a child broke him. My only concern is, who let the child play in the park unsupervised, with a gun that was missing it's safety identifiers? Air soft guns should have specific markings (like a bright orange tip) to show cops that they are fake
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James Owens · 
So you would have shot him within two seconds of walking on the scene? And that officer already had already been found unfit to serve in another force.

Honestly, I don't see how you could watch that video and not cry.
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Eiden Babaoghli · 
I don't know what I would have done, I'm not a police officer, and I haven't seen, felt, or experience what they have. That's the point. No one knows how they would act in that situation, until they are actually in that situation.
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Victoria Adebambo
Did you not watch the video? The cops didn't even see the weapon before gunning him down. And I honestly couldn't give two shits about what the cops feel because if they even tried to do their job right, this could have easily been avoided. Just a mininum amount of effort would have made a difference. There was nothing populated about that area. He was alone when the cops got to him. Unless they are vision impaired I am pretty sure they would have noticed that. Not to mention regardless of how tense the situation was, it still doesn't make sense to pull up within 2 feet of an armed suspect. Trained officers know how completely reckless that was, and there was no need to be that reckless.
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Deborah Czarnecki
Eiden Babaoghli You're wrong. A cop is supposed to know EXACTLY how to handle that situation. That is what they are (supposedly) trained for!! This wasn't a surprise attack--nobody's life was in immediate danger. They had several other options of handling this--options they should have been trained for. And if you doubt they were absolutely in the wrong, remember that before the video surfaced the police department lied their faces off and stated that the officers told the suspect 'three times' to put down the weapon. Why did they lie? Because there are actually rules for how police are supposed to behave and the cops all know it. This boy was murdered, and nobody has to be a cop to know that.
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Mark Finley · 
Victoria Adebambo or, he could have not been playing with a gun at the park. Pretty simple aolution if you ask me. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
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James Owens · 
Mark are you kidding me right now? The fact that you could make such an insensitive comment shows how little you care about his life.

It doesn't matter to you that he shot him within 2 seconds of arriving. It doesn't matter to you that he clearly didn't follow policy in a time where mass shooters are taken alive. It also doesn't matter to you that a white man can walk into an airport illegally with a gun and have nothing happen to him. What matters is that kid had a toy gun. 

It just really shows what society values.
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Candi Ryan
Mark Finley Don't bother leaving your house if you're so scared of toys, Mark. Things like legos and teddy bears must terrify you!
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Mark Finley · 
Nope, none of that matters. Easily avoidable situation if he just left the gun at home. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
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Adam De Vlaming · 
Mark Finley I'm starting to think you're just a troll. Mainly because I don't understand how anybody could think like you do. The cop didn't follow any sort of procedure and murdered a 12 year old within 2 seconds of pulling up and you think that's ok? Kids who play with toy guns deserve to be gunned down??? Yah, GTFO.
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Mark Finley · 
Kids who play with things that look like real guns have a much better chance of getting gunned down than kids that don't. That's a fact. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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James Owens · 
Mark it matters to you that he has a toy gun, but it doesn't matter to you when a man has a real gun?

Either you're a troll or a racist. Honestly, I'd prefer it if you were a troll...

Eiden police officers have a policy to follow on how to handle these cases. In a word where mass shooters are taken alive, there is no excuse. He didn't give him time to surrender or anything. After all, he was found unfit to serve on a different job.
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Mark Finley · 
I didn't say anything about race. Race doesn't matter here. It's not safe to wave a gun around a public place, for this exact reason. He wouldn't be dead if he didn't think it was cool to have a gun. Guns are not toys, and shouldn't be treated like they are. I do t know any responsible gun owners that would act like he did, and if they did, they might share the same fate
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Mark Finley · 
Maybe this gas been said, but I missed it. Where the hell did he get the gun, and did his parents know he was waving it around at a park? If so, why didn't they stop him, and if not, WHY NOT?
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Mark Finley · 
It doesn't matter of it was made of jello. If it looks real, how did he get it, and did his parents know he was waving it around at the park? If not, WHY NOT?
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Corey Heim
So if I understand you, Mark, because he was "waving" a bb gun around in a park AND with no evidence, conclude his parents didn't care, he deserved to be shot? Let me help you out here: Don't reproduce and delete your account. You're simply not smart enough to be waving your brain around like this.
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Mark Finley · 
He took his life into his own hands with his stupidity. Period. Any 12 year old should know that. I know my kids would have at that age. If he didn't, then that's horrible neglect on his parents part
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Matthew Dantes
There's no way to sum up the sociopathy of justifying this..
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Johnathan Hamiter · 
Doesn't matter. A cop should know better. A better cop would have.
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Rhea Callaghan · 
Dude, you actually sound like a psychopath.
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Amy Stephen · 
Mark Finley Shut up.
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Mark Finley · 
Brilliant reply Amy. Really got to the heart of the matter. Here's what it boils down to. Negligent, stupid parents, gun culture with young kids, and a kid without enough common sense to not play with a real looking gun in a public park
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Doc Farmer · 
I guess Sharpton and Jackson will be flying to Cleveland soon, to schedule and direct the rioting... #TamirRice
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Johnathan Hamiter · 
So, how many incidents are you going to say this about and it never happen? How many years? How long will you talk about them like they are relevant? Will your delusion ever end, or are you satisfied with SOMEBODY black that you can say something bad about? Please continue, as you literally have NOTHING ELSE to offer.
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Michael Potter
shut up doc...just stfu!
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The U.S. Justice Department found that the Cleveland Police is inept. This incident adds to the list of many events in which Cleveland Police had failed their community. The fatal shootings of two fleeing suspects, Anthony Sowell, and Ariel Castro gave the police a bad name.

See this type of stuff makes me mad.

Open Carry in the state of Ohio is legal for White people. Open Carry in the state of Ohio could result in the death penalty of Black and Hispanic people.

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