Saturday, October 24, 2015

Drunk Driver Plows Over People At Oklahoma State University!

A co-worker described Chambers as "mature and responsible". (Facebook)
Woman accused of driving her vehicle through a parade crowd killing four and injuring dozens.

Tragedy in Stillwater, Oklahoma. There was a woman today being held on a murder charge. She was behind the wheel of a car when she allegedly plowed into people watching a parade for the Oklahoma State Cowboys football homecoming.

The BIG 12 Cowboys are ranked 14 in the National College Football Standings.

This 25 year old woman may face LIFE in the iron college if they determined that her actions resulted in murder.

The suspect Adacia Chambers is held in the lockup.
Chambers drove her four-door sedan into a crowd of spectators. (Getty)
Plowed through.
Chambers drove her car through a crowd killing four and injuring 22 people. Of the living, eight of them have life-threatening injuries. Some have walking wounds.

The witness say that she was plowing through the crowd at speeds totally 50 mph.

Chambers according to family is a shy woman.

After exiting her vehicle, Chambers was arrested for driving under the influence. Police have stated that it will be “several days” before the full facts of the incident will be released. She was booked and is currently at Payne County Lockup.

At the scene, multiple choppers were used to airlift victims to Stillwater Medical Center. Multiple law enforcement agencies are involved in the recovery process. The accident occurred at the corner of Hall of Fame and Main Street, a very populated area just two blocks from the football stadium.

World News Today send our condolences to those lost today in this senseless tragedy.

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