Sunday, September 27, 2015

If Fixing Stupid Was An Easy Thing!

You can't fix stupid. Woman got busted riding the back of a sea turtle, an endangered species. The woman and her friend posted their romp on social media.

Two issues that happened over the weekend. Two you can't fix stupid stories for you.

They both involved humans and nature.

Two women thought it would be cool to sit on the back of a sea turtle at a Florida beach. A great night of drinking led to them spotting this turtle on the beach.

Oh, cool! Let's get a picture of it. No crime.

Let's sit on the turtle's back! Let's share that picture on social media. Let's share a real laugh riot!

Well it turns out some of their friends didn't think it funny! The reposted on social media and the law got tipped off. Well their night of fun turned out to be a MAJOR CRIME.

For you see, the women were unaware that sea turtles are threatened species and under federal law, if you are messing with the habitat of the animal, you WILL get arrested.
Brown recluse spiders are one of the most dangerous in the world. The spiders inflict a painless bite that could be deadly. 
Stephanie Marie Moore had been wanted on a felony warrant since July for the "possession, disturbance, mutilation, destruction, selling, transference, molestation, and harassment of marine turtles, nests or eggs."

"People can live and play on important sea turtle nesting beaches without significantly affecting nesting success," it says on the conservancy's website. "But it requires a well informed public that is committed to behaving in a manner that doesn't harm nesting turtles or their nests."

Perhaps that is why the Snapchat photos were received so poorly and caused such an outrage, and why Hart said that "eventually, multiple complaints (about the photos) were forwarded to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission."

Moore and another woman took the pictures, police said. That person has not been identified.

Moore was being held on a $2,000 bond in the Brevard County Jail.

It was not clear Saturday whether she had retained a defense attorney, and multiple messages left for family members were not returned.
Man tried to kill spider with a lighter at a gas pump.
Another incident involved a man who had a fear of spiders. This man was a local Mobil gas station in Detroit. He saw the spider on the gas pump. He decides to grab a lighter out of his car and try to burn it off.

Turns out that he didn't think gasoline was combustible and flammable.

The gas station attendants quickly hit the emergency stop button. The man used the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. The man got a few mild burns. He managed to escape serious injury.

I mean his ride was burned. The pump was burned. The gas station will sue him for property damage.

He at first tried to blame the gas station for the fire. But when he was caught on camera using a lighter near his ride, he would admit he fucked up!

He claims that he didn't think that his lighter would cause such a mess. I mean he hated spiders.

These are examples of human ignorance.

 Any thoughts on how to fix stupid?

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