Thursday, September 10, 2015

Feds Looking Into Death Of Natasha McKenna!

Natasha McKenna's death in police custody sparked controversy.

The U.S. Department of Justice along with Virginia authorities are looking into misconduct at a Fairfax County lockup. The sheriff Stacey Kincaid released a video showing lockup officers subduing and using a stun gun on a mentally ill woman.

That woman was named Natasha McKenna. The Black Lives Matter activists were on Twitter hashtagging #NatashaMcKenna all day.

So I decided to do some research into the matter. And I found the story really troubling.

Matter of fact, it eerily the Sandra Bland tragedy.

The release of this video may put some officers on ice. The investigation into improper misconduct has gotten the social media talking. Matter of fact, the officers who restrained her face no charges.

Back in February, McKenna was shocked four times while she was restrained by several officers at the lockup. She stopped breathing minutes later and was transported to an area hospital, wher she died after five days.

The video, Kincaid starts by exonerating the officers involved, noting that the criminal investigation is over.

In the video, she speaks and then it's followed by a struggling McKenna surrounded by officers, who accused the woman of smearing her bodily fluids and feces all over the cell.

The officers dressed in biohazard suits can be heard saying to her to "stop resisting". And some were shouting "hold still" several times.

The Commonwealth Attorney for Fairfax County, Raymond F. Morrogh, called the death, "unfortunate" but concluded that the officers involved were justified in their use of force and will not face charges in this event.

McKenna was arrested and charged with assaulting an Alexandria police officer in January.

The lockup banned the use of stun guns in the wake of this tragedy. They also reassigned workers and shuffled the deck a bit. This new group will be solely involved in the safety of mentally ill interns.

They will aid in the treatment of all interns with mental illness.

The social media is talking about it.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Natasha McKenna.

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dallas said...

Just for your information, I have just learned that the doctors at the hospital where Natasha McKenna was taken said she was tasered 5 times. Another commenter had said if you look closely she was tased more than 4 times. The death squad was blocking our view with their bodies, but according to Kincaid's written report she was being punched in the thighs in between taser shocks. She was hog tied and the first taser was shot on the inside of her upper right thigh. We do know they are notorious liars. We don't know where they tased this poor woman. I wonder if anyone has seen the doctor's reports. We do know she show up at the hospital with two black eyes nearly shut, a badly bruised body and a finger that had to be amputated. The black eyes were probably due to the beating she suffered prior to this where the jailers where the jailers punched her in the head repeatedly. The pixels conveniently blocked us from seeing this.


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