Sunday, August 16, 2015

When Trolls Attack!

Okay, here we go again. A troll was critical of a recent post I've put down on World News Today.

Hey, if you're still here I want to give you an unabashed honest answer to your concerns and let you know that you're entitled to your opinion. Matter of fact, if you haven't experienced it, good.

I hope it never happens to you. But since it happen to me and many other people of color, it matters.

I normally don't respond to your comments. But since we get that one that managed to slip through, I decided to answer to you!

Whether you take it as an offense or a suggestion is a matter of your choosing. Not mine.

So here we go. Get your magnifying glass and start reading the word vomit from "When Trolls Attack".

Anonymous said...
What junk? You say that some have already concluded that the suspect is guilty. Hell you have already concluded that the Deputies are guilty. So, in other words, you are no better than the people you are demonizing. It appears that you have your own personal bias as it is anyway. It is amazing at the number of people that say that they "believe" that Martin wouldn't have done that; they don't "believe" that Martin had a gun. In the the end, your "belief" means absolutely shit! You weren't there. Trashy fucking blog! That's all this is.

This sounds very personal not a unbias blog at all. It is very clear you are trying to push your own agenda!! and unfortunately any idiot can hide behind a computer and write what ever they want!!!! This blog is trash !!!!!

Did you get an opportunity to read this? The troll says the blog is junk, trash, demonizing, etc.

Okay, no one pointed a gun to your head telling you to read this blog. If we demanded you to read this blog, then I guess we're demonizing you!

Personal bias! Yeah, everyone has a bias. Don't give me this bullshit about a world without bias. I know my personal views and beliefs. I don't hide my feelings about an issue. I don't discuss my personal beliefs around the job, around the public or in response to you! I waste too much time debating someone who's two feet in the manure. It's nothing personal unless you've experienced it.

The article where this word vomit came from dealt with Ohio deputies killing Dontae Martin.

According to the report, the deputies from Montgomery County said that Martin was pointing a gun at them and they opened fire on him. They claim that he was in an accident and then pulled a firearm on him. Of course, they didn't have their lights or dash camera on during this encounter.

It sparked outrage with the community and the family demands answers to the situation.

They deserve a right to the answers. What I done was slip in an experience with the deputy who fired on Martin. Josh Haas is in the freezer for shooting the man. What I stated was a former friend who is a minor offender told stories of corruption in the department. She singled Haas out.

I been profiled by him and Gust Teague, the other deputy who opened fire on Martin. I want to be clear that they're in the freezer until the Ohio Bureau of Investigation and FBI determine they used justified discharge of their service weapons.

The sheriff of Montgomery County tried to stir guilt towards the decease. He said that Martin had "cop killing" bullets and has minor run-ins with the law. Yeah, but those other times he was unarmed.

His family said that he had applied for a concealed carry license. In Ohio, concealed carry licenses are up. Ohio is an open carry state. You can carry a firearm in a business and not be harassed by the law. It may spook people but given the state lax laws, you can wear it on your shoulder without a peep.

Matter of fact, White people are more likely to bring firearms into business and no one would call the law on them. Black, Latinos and practicing Muslims would probably be shot on sight. John Crawford was killed in Beavercreek after he picked up a pellet gun. This asshole Ronald Ritchie called the law on him. The law didn't give a strong verbal warning. They shot him from a distance and he was hit twice. He would die of injuries. The cop who shot him Sean Williams is still in the freezer. His department is under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department.

You may say that I'm bias and whatever. I say you're ignorant and you don't have freaking clue.

The moment I've said something about how the law treats people of color, and you automatically say that I'm "anti-cop" and "blah blah blah"

The deputies aren't charged with a crime. There is a preliminary hearing before a grand jury decides whether to charge the officers. Right now they're in the freezer which is standard procedure for those who shoot their service weapons on a suspect.

If the deputies are charged for a criminal act, they're innocent until proven guilty.

I assume that you assume guilty before innocence. Obviously, you're like that. That's fine. You have a right to judge just like I have a right to criticize.

But in the meantime, we appreciate your feedback. However, based on your response, you're wrong!

I'm going to be mild in expressing my response but be warned, you're testing my nerve! I will shut you down hard if you make another bold comment!

So if you're reading this whoever you are, understand we're here to stay! You can't move a boulder without throwing your back out! Hopefully you're not that stupid to do so!

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