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Suspect In Texas Deputy Killing Caught! Who's Gonna Take The Blame?

Texas deputy Darren Goforth was gunned down in a callous act of violence. The suspect caught. Now that the suspect is caught, who will actually be blamed for the death of the lawman?

This is getting old. I am so freaking tired of explaining this. Gun crimes are happening every day.

America's biggest threat is domestic terrorism. We have experienced over 35,000 known incidents where people were shot or killed by firearms this year.

Nothing is getting done about this. For every killing of an unarmed suspect, a victim of a crime, or those in law enforcement and military, we seem to always have some form of judgement to why this stuff happens.

The junk food media is debating the shooting death of a Texas lawman. A deputy was at a local gas station when the suspect, a Black male murdered him on sight.

Now that the law caught has the man who was involved in the shooting death of a Harris County, Texas deputy, who are they going to blame for this tragedy?


Okay, if you picked E, then you're absolutely correct. If you picked the other answers, you're wrong.

The fault of this criminal act solely lies on the feet of the suspect. No one else.

Of course it doesn't stop the blame game from occurring. The shooting death of Darren Goforth has the nation talking. The Texas deputy was filling up at a Houston Chevron gas station. Out of no where, this man comes up and shoots him at point blank range. He managed to empty out his firearm.

He would take off in a Ford truck and make the escape. The law would catch the suspect. He was taken into custody.

Shannon Miles was nabbed for the shooting of a Texas deputy.
It didn't take long for the sheriff of Harris County to blame Black Lives Matter for the actions of a man who they knew had issues with the law. Matter of fact, they want to tie the protest movement to a Black extremist group such as The New Black Panthers.

According to their intelligence sources, saying "pig roasting" is considered code for cop killing.

We don't know the motives of this suspect. He's caught and will face a court date soon.

It's kind of funny that the right blames Black Lives Matter. Did Black Lives Matter blame all White people for a former television celebrity who was caught sexually assaulting children?

Did Black Lives Matter blame all White people for the numerous run-ins for a man who managed to beat a murder of a unarmed teenager in Sanford, Florida?

Say if you have a man who shot up a Louisiana movie theater or a Charleston church, we don't automatically assume that they're conservatives. Matter of fact, conservatives do not want people to blame them for these tragedies.

But if one Black person commits an act of violence, it's the fault of all.

Well then, if a White person commits an act of criminal violence on the law or media, it will automatically be blamed on Republicans, conservatives and the insurgency (aka TEA PARTY).
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This is the usual word vomit of white extremists. 

Yeah, blame the protesters who felt that Sandra Bland's death in police custody was suspicious.

Blame the protesters who witness a cop slam the head of teenage girl on the ground after a pool party going awry. Yeah, it's protesters' fault for the cop to pull out a firearm on the unarmed teens.

Blame the protesters who believed that a rookie officer's judgement call killed Taylor Christian.

The suspect 30 year old Shannon Miles, of Houston was booked on capital. He will face the gas house if convicted. He is innocent until proven guilty.

Of course, that doesn't seem to matter to the critics. The suspect is automatic guilty. Nevermind the court of law, he's a Black guy. The Black Lives Matter and Barack Obama inspired this thug.

What do you expect from the racist right?

While we are quick to blame, did you know that two officers lost their lives in the line of duty?

Let me remind you again. The Line of Duty.

Everyone believes you can live a healthy life as a police officer. They think it's watching COPS on Spike Television. They think it's like Mike and Carl from Mike & Molly. They believe it's like Law & Order. They think the controversial Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke is actually patrolling the streets with a vigilant eye.

Newsflash: Being a cop is a thankless job. Many officers don't get praised for their work. They only get praised when they are killed. They get praised when they are given positive media coverage. They work long tireless days and night making sure their precinct isn't caught up in a scandal. They are public servants.

They're human too. They lie too.
Mass outpouring to deputy who was gunned down.

When police complain about Blacks never telling, you might want to finger them for not telling too.

They are good cops. It's too bad the bad cops set the example.

The Black Lives Matter movement doesn't condone the killing of police.

And while the concern trolls were chasing the newest blame de jour,  the killing of two officers in Louisiana were talked about for a brief moment.

Harrison Lee Riley is a Black suspect who murdered a woman and a lawman. Sunset Police Sergeant Henry Nelson was gunned down responding to an aggravated assault on three women. One of the women Shameka Johnson lost her life to this suspect stabbing her multiple times. The suspect took off in a person's car and crashed it into a business. He would exit his vehicle and run into the business. He would barricade himself in this business until the law ordered him out. He gave up peacefully. The St. Landry Parish Sheriff will throw the book at this criminal. Riley is innocent until proven guilty.
These lives were lost to senseless violence.
Kevin Daigle is a White suspect who killed a Louisiana state highway patrol and a roommate. The suspect was caught by Calcasieu Parish Sheriff after he was on the run. Before his act, he got into an heated argument with his roommate Blake Brewer. He killed him with a sawed off shotgun. He would also take the victim's truck. He gets intoxicated and takes off in the ride. He was pulled over by state trooper Steven Vincent. The suspect would back up into the patrol vehicle. He would jump out and put three in the face of trooper Vincent. He would then flee towards Lake Charles. He was busted before reaching Texas. He is facing capital and second degree. Daigle is innocent until proven guilty.

Ryan Arnold is a White suspect who shot his pregnant girlfriend.  Hayley Nicole Hill was severely injured in this event. The law confirms that she lost her child. She is fighting for her life. The suspect threw her out the vehicle. He would crash his ride. He would exit the ride and run towards a man working on his truck. He ordered the man to start the vehicle and get it moving. The law would eventually meet up with them. The suspect told Paul Donald Davis to ram it. The law would put the lead in them. Paul was hit by the lead. The suspect was also hit by the lead. They both were caught and treated for their injuries. The suspect is in custody. Arnold is innocent until proven guilty.

Let's not forget the officers who lost their lives in Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio and Florida.

It was overshadowed by the tragic killing of WDBJ news anchor Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward. Soon this will be overshadowed for the next mass murder tragedy.

I am clearly understanding that all lives matter.

White people don't understand the Black Lives Matter movement. They think it just a grievance of Black lives only. They're entitled to their opinion.

The movement is about police brutality against Black suspects in the United States. It's also sparked by the law not indicting those involved. The movement is also sparked by the media's negative portrayal of unarmed Black suspects.

World News Today send our condolences to Darren Goforth, Henry Nelson, Shameka Johnson, Blake Brewer, Steven Vincent, Alison Parker, Adam Ward, Hayley Hill and those lost in senseless firearm tragedies.

We send our prayers to Vicki Gardner and Paul Davis.

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