Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Racist Right Claims Sam DuBose Had Weed And Thangs!

Some disgraced lawman became a conservative agitator who runs his mouth with accusations. He is trying to smear Sam DuBose with stories that aren't proven by the prosecutor. 

Smear campaign from the racist right!

The racist right rears its ugly head in the shooting death of Sam DuBose. When unarmed Black suspects lose their lives in police custody, conservatives automatically blame the victim. They want to make the issue about the victim and not the officers who allowed a death to occur in their precinct.

Sam was stopped by this cop working for the University of Cincinnati. He claimed that he had a missing license plate. The stop was elevated when Ray Tensing ordered him out the car. Sam questioned his actions. Like most motorists, you have a right to question why you're being detained without probable cause. So when Tensing pull the door open, Sam tried to close it. Then as he moved the door, the car revs up and that's when Tensing uses his service weapon in a deadly shooting.

Tensing shot DuBose in the head. It immediately killed him. Tensing and two other officers would concoct this lie saying that there was a struggle for the firearm and he tried to drag him.
If the law said Sam had weapons, cash or drugs in his ride, why wasn't it filed in the report? Will that come in a document drop during the pretrial hearing of murder suspect Ray Tensing. 
The body camera evidence said something totally different. And now that Tensing is being served with an indictment for murder. After he posted a get out free card, his defenders are out in full swing saying that Sam had criminal intent.

So this nobody who was an ex-NYPD detective goes to the junk food media and racist right outlets with this latest bombshell. He said that the law found two pounds of weed and a bundle of cash in the vehicle.

Where did he get his bombshell from?

This asshat claims he got his "sources" from the law.

So why wasn't this in the University of Cincinnati police report?
Ray Tensing was trying to cover up a criminal act. He faces trial for the murder of an unarmed motorist.
Uh, because you liberals don't have the facts like we have! We obtained evidence. We're just waiting for the moment to leak it to the junk food media. This is what I'm expecting to hear from this concern troll.

This disgusting racist asshat John Cardillo made up some claims that officers found two pounds of marijuana and thousands of dollars in cash in his car. Cardillo called the law to confirm these new facts with the public information office of the Cincinnati Police Department, and they did not deny them. Neither did the prosecutor’s office when Cardillo contacted them.

So what?

Does it disqualify the fact that Tensing committed a criminal act?

See Cardillo is some agitator on Florida AM agitation. He's a nobody just like Colin Flaherty, Charles C. Johnson and Jesse Lee Peterson. A bunch of racial extremists who have no real reason to exist.

They only get their traction on shows nobody watches.

This racial asshat can make accusations and the like. It doesn't explain why Ray Tensing put a bullet in Sam's head. Another thing, Sam was unarmed and that bottle was perfume.

Oh by the way, this is the moron who went to social media to post him point a barrel at his webcam.

He was criticizing the BlackLivesMatter protesters crash the Sunday brunch.

Here's an example of what I've put together.

This racist asshat Cardillo with a firearm next to my former best friend who is an asshat in his own right. See a difference in who's more menacing!

Here's the video of this asshat on Dr. Drew on Call.

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