Sunday, August 09, 2015

Christian Taylor's Death By The Law Sparks Outrage!

Christian Taylor's death by the law sparks outrage. By the way, he flashing a peace sign. Not a gang sign trolls!

Arlington, Texas rookie officer is in the freezer after he put four into an unarmed man. This is another event where the law uses deadly force and it's attracted the attention of the junk food media.

Christian Taylor was a 19 year old man who crashed his car through a car dealership. He was acting erratically when the law showed up.

According to the law, they answered a burglary call. The arrive to see Christian acting like he was on something. The officer report says that he charged at the officers, and struggled for the firearm. Then of course, the officer used deadly force.

The rookie, Brad Miller claimed that he used deadly force because it was "no choice". He was hired to the force in September and was being on training duty when this occurred. So Miller had no experience.

But a surveillance shows a different story. Matter of fact, there were some surveillance shows that the officer did something that some considered a reckless call. We also have a YouTube user who posted that in the audio you can hear in less than 1.3 seconds, you hear Miller put the slugs in him.

The surveillance on the property shows every thing except the moment Christian was shot.

He was a student at Angelo State University. He was a member of the football team. He had minor run-ins but nothing that considered him a danger to the lives of the officers.

The chief of Arlington Police Will Johnson said that the FBI will interview the officers and determine whether the call made by Miller is considered criminal.

The racist right will automatically defend the law. They will say that based on actions (i.e. being on drugs, criminal past, traffic convictions, etc.) the unarmed suspect deserved to die.

But in his last social media posts, he had posted this. It's been retweeted over 15,000 times.

Christian was well liked on the campus. His friends and family described him as a "jokester",

He had graduated from Mansfield Summit high school. He only had one item on his record, which was six months deferred adjudication for possession of hydrocodone, according to The Dallas Morning News. The charge, a misdemeanor, was dismissed when he finished his probation.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Taylor Christian. Me and S. Baldwin will continue to follow the developments in this controversy.

DeRay McKesson said that he doesn't want to show up to these events. But as long as this stuff continues, he has a purpose. And I strongly believe that he is making an impact on the social media. Matter of fact, he and Bree Newsome are becoming civil rights icons.

Today marks one year since the Michael Brown death.


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