Sunday, May 17, 2015

When It Comes To Open Carry Laws, The Law Is White And Right!

If you live in an open carry state and you happen to be Black, a Hispanic or a Muslim guess what?

You're still going to be detained by the law. Matter of fact, the law will be ready to open fire on you.

This is the type of stuff that ended the lives of Tamir Rice and John Crawford in the hands of law enforcement.

Crawford was gunned down by Beavercreek cops in August after he grabbed an open air rifle off the shelf in a Dayton, Ohio Walmart. He didn't even get a proper warning. The moment the Beavercreek Ohio cop saw him he opened fire.

Tamir Rice was gunned down in November after he was playing in a park with an air rifle. The Cleveland cop pulled up on him. In less than two seconds, he guns down the 12 year old boy.

The YouTube user Willy Upchuck uploaded this video.

It shows a bunch of White guys carrying their AR-15 and Rugers. A county sheriff's deputy confronts them. He asked them what they were doing and they've complied. The deputy lets them head on their way.

In the next video a Black guy is carrying his AR-15. Within 45 seconds the county sheriff's deputy comes up on him. He exits the vehicle with service weapon drawn. He tells the Black guy to eat dirt and don't move.

The Black guy was with his pregnant girlfriend and she was recording it. The girlfriend reminds the officer that he didn't do nothing wrong. The officer warns him that he's being recorded and the girlfriend reminds the officer she's recording him. During the three minutes the officer is still drawn with his weapon calls for back up.

During that ordeal, the Black guy is detained his weapon was confiscated and they brought out a canine to do a drug search.

The Black guy had the AR-15 on his hip and a cup of coffee. Nothing more. But it drew more than four police vehicles two officers with guns drawn and one officer with a dog.

Makes you wonder why these lawmakers pass these laws?

Were they intended for the White guy afraid of a Browner nation?

Thanks to the folks over at Addicting Info and Willy Upchuck for uploading it.

It has nearly 500,000 views.

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