Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Planters Nut Is Losing Friends Already!

While I do agree that the Patriot Act is an overreach by the federal government, I think that presidential candidate and Stallmigo Rand Paul (R-KY) is throwing his hypocrisy into this.

The very same Paul rather meddle between a woman's legs, a Black man's firearms, a poor family's safety net and a family's Obamacare subsidies. Paul wants the big old bad gubmint stop looking into your cell phone.

After all his stupid son probably was incriminating himself with pictures of him smoking a bong while playing with snow lines.

Paul is already not making friends in the Republican race for the red nose. Paul put on his makeup and juggling his balls hoping he can pick off young minds with legal weed and low incarceration.

On a rare Sunday night, the U.S. Senate is in session. His fellow senator, Majority Leader Mitch The Turtle (R-KY) called for a vote on the  "Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and Ending Eavesdropping, Dragnet-collection and Online Monitoring Act." For the smart people this is called the USA Freedom Act.

This bill is sponsored by Wisconsin Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), the creator of the Patriot Act.

He also sponsored this bill a few years back and it didn't get traction. In October 2013, he introduced the USA Freedom Act in the House, a bill designed to curtail the powers of the NSA and end the NSA's dragnet phone data collection program. The bill is supported by civil liberties advocacy groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union.

Even he's skeptical of his own law. Did he even read this shit?


The USA Freedom Act was not passed by the U.S. Senate on May 22, 2015. By a vote of 57-42, the Senate did not pass the bill that would have required 60 votes to move forward, which means that the NSA must start winding down its domestic mass surveillance program this week. The Senate also rejected, by 54-45, also short of the necessary 60 votes, a two-month extension for the key provision in the Patriot Act that has been used to justify NSA spying, which is set to expire on June 1, 2015.
I don't want to jeopardize the lives of Americans because of a handful of lawmakers standing on principles that are wrong.
However, on May 31, 2015, the Senate voted 77-17 to limit debate on the act. Senate rules will allow it to be passed after the mass surveillance programs have expired.

The Republican majority promised transparency. They promised jobs. They promised to deny President Barack Obama a victory. So far, they are destroying themselves to defeat Obama.

They are wasting time trying to pass symbolic votes on restricting abortions, gutting the safety net, passing that stupid Keystone XL pipeline, restricting the president's executive powers on education, immigration, and raising the minimum wage. They are not working on passing reasonable gun control, refusing to work on peace deals with Cuba and Iran. They are pushing for troops in the battle against the Islamic State and Boko Haram. They want to waste time on Benghazi hearings, IRS emails, Hillary Clinton's missing emails, and dragging Attorney General Loretta Lynch into committee hearings about Fast & Furious.

With Paul's temper tantrum and some of his fellow Republicans and even Democratic allies calling upon the end of bulk collection done by the NSA, it seems like the bill is possibly on its way to defeat.

Here's the filibuster. Paul runs 11 hours of whine.

Again, this lawmaker has no legislative accomplishments and they act like he's a god.

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