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Prince Charming Baltimore!

Prince performs at Baltimore. Conservative outrage over Marilyn Mosby attending the event.

When Prince came to perform for Baltimore he released a song in tribute to Michael Brown and Freddie Gray.

The song was leaked online and it's called "Baltimore".

As Prince performed for three hours at a sold out show, one guest managed to catch the ire of conservatives and the Baltimore police union.

In attendance is Marilyn Mosby, the state prosecutor in the case against six Baltimore cops who were charged in the murder of Freddie Gray.

While the junk food media went up Interstate 95 to cover the derailment in Philadelphia, the junk food media was silent (or barely covered) the Baltimore state prosecutor taking stage at a concert.

It's nothing bad about her appearing on stage. But to the racist right and the police union, it's a conflict of interest. They are calling for her to recuse herself and have an independent prosecutor look into this. They are also demanding that she gets ethics charges for appearing at the concert.

They seriously believe that Mosby is inexperienced. They feel that she's playing politics. Despite the already numerous federal investigations into the city police and the millions of payouts to victims of police brutality, this Freddie Gray situation is different.

If it wasn't for them cameras filming the officers lift up Gray and drag him to the vehicle while he was screaming in agonizing pain, they would have gotten away with a disciplinary or no charges at all.

Mosby found enough evidence to charge the six officers with involuntary manslaughter and misconduct in office. They had enough evidence to charge the officers. They will have a day in court.

They are innocent until proven guilty.

The racist right is angry at Marilyn Mosby.
The murder of Freddie Gray set off two days of rioting in the city.

Of course the networks were running with cameras in tow trying show the world that young Black teens are looting the Foot Locker for Nike's. Or the Black man stealing a 40 out of the CVS. Maybe they managed to witness two correction officers stealing a bag of chips and grape juice.

Conservative agitators take to the internet to slam Mosby, the mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Rev. Perm, Cut His Nuts Off Jackson, Eric Holder, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and their favorite son President Barack Obama as being racial agitators and NIGGERS.

I bet them white extremists were seething in joy watching Black frustration in the matter of injustice launch into violence.

Knowing the Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement are color blind and tone deaf is understatement.
O'Loofus complains about Baltimore having a high crime rate. Yet, he never thinks about taking his private jet down to the city. He never will visit a neighborhood and interact with the residents in Baltimore. In his mind as well as many other agitators in the media, the city is an American Benghazi. 
But to see the Democratic Party use this as a weapon is also a disgrace. They seem to take advantage of these issues to encourage Black America to rise up against injustice.

In the minds of Republicans, the Democrats are the ones who keep Blacks poor. I agree. But not the way the Republican Party sees it.

No one wants to see people live in poverty. At least in my opinion, no political party owns "poor", "poverty" and "welfare".

Once again, I stress that Republicans are condescending. They don't see the poor as victims. They see them as lazy, immoral, leeches and handouts. They believe just because you have a microwave, a refrigerator, a television, a computer and a cell phone, you are able to work. They don't know the poor's struggle. They can't understand that people who have things have earned them too.
Angry Megyn saying that Marilyn Mosby attending a Prince concert was inappropriate.
They see you in the store with an EBT card or state issued child support debit card buying groceries and some items maybe name brands. They believe if you're buying a pack of Oreos. Fruit Loops,  and Coca-Cola 36 cubes on food stamps, you're abusing the system.

You're buying a pack of Newport or Marlboro cigarettes or an Ol' English. And even though you got a little bit of cash, the moment they see that EBT card, they consider you leeching off the system.

They believe that you own a luxury car or a nice home, but still earn less than a "hard worker", you're a parasite to the government.

That narrative being express by agitators makes Republicans look like heartless assholes.

The Democrats believe the safety net is unfiltered. No one should go hungry. No one should live on the streets or homeless shelters.

The Republicans believe that the safety net creates entitlements and dependency. And even though, in their minds, giving to the poor is going overboard, they too believe that no one should go hungry. They believe you have to work 50 hours at least earn a piece of that apple pie.

See in a perfect world, you should have a home. If there's some who are of the working class unable to work, they should be able to own a house and luxuries of a single family home. Why have a family lives on the streets? It should be right not a privilege to have a home.

No one wants to see their child buried before them. The families of Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, John Crawford, Michael Brown, Tony Robinson, Darrien Hunt, and Eric Garner  weren't thrilled about their deaths.

They have a right to complain about issues of police brutality, the Blue Wall of Silence, and the need for reform. When the junk food media gets the names of the victims of gun violence (especially by law enforcement) it's almost routine to hear about the race. If the victim is Black, the conservative agitators immediately start searching court public records and social media to find something incriminating. They find guilt-by-association in the friends, immediate family members or non-essential figures. Conservatives will label the victim a "thug" or call him "Obama's son".

It never ceases to amaze me that a man smoking weed is more criminal than an officer putting a bullet in him. And to make this clear, that man was unarmed at the time.

The families deserve the right to see those in law enforcement (or an armed vigilante) be held responsible whenever they fire their service weapon. And if the suspect is unarmed, the families have a right to demand an officer be charged with criminal misconduct.

But unfortunately with the first Black president, the conservatives who agitate on radio, television and the social media are polarizing it to a degree where anything that involves race is magnified.

You may not be able to obtain Prince's new song on YouTube. He doesn't advocate video streaming or use of music without permission. Anytime, you upload a video or download illegally a song from Prince, you may be subject to a lawsuit. 

He doesn't play any games when it comes to his copyright.

So if you want to hear the song, hear it on Soundcloud or buy it on iTunes and Google Play. 

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