Monday, May 04, 2015

Pam Geller's Would Be Assassins Identified!

Geller and a Dutch politico got shaken by a threat. Geller appears on the media to denounce the suspects.

Pam Geller will be bitching more about radical Islam and "Obama's sons". Last night, Garland Police put two men in the wooden box after they tried to cause a mass shooting at an event sponsored by this woman.

Geller, a far right extremist wanted to promote a "Draw Mohammed" contest in order to criticize Islamic extremism. She wanted a mass causality event to occur. American Freedom Defense Initiative threw a bone. A $10,000 prize for the best cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed.

Again, it's blasphemy for anyone to draw the Prophet Mohammed in any form.

The Associated Press released the names of the suspects in an attempted mass shooting at a Garland convention center. The Curtis Culwell Center held a peace rally earlier this year. The sponsors were from the American Muslim community and it was met with White extremists threatening them. This event sponsored by Geller was trying to be a counter protest.

The name is Elton Simpson. The moment they dropped the name, I said "BLACK GUY".
30 year old Elton Simpson identified by the junk food media.
Simpson is a resident of Phoenix, Arizona. Simpson and his partner came to Curtis Culwell to cause some trouble. They fired from a Black sedan at the building. They managed to hit a guard who was unarmed.

The Garland Police who were in security detail saw the event happen. Within a few seconds a gun fight. The two suspects were killed within 45 seconds of the first strike.

The Telegraph reports that Simpson was inspired by "people fighting and killing your kids, and dropping bombs on people that have nothing to do with nothing. You've got to fight back, and can't just be there sitting down smiling at each other."

In June 2009 he told the informant he was "tired of living under non-Muslims" and had explored the possibility of martyrdom operations. He spoke of his anger at then-president George W Bush's comments that you were "either with us or against us".
Undated photo of alleged suspect.

Simpson said: "You're either with us or you're with the terrorists. Bush is saying you're with us or with the Muslims."

By November 2009 he was discussing detailed plans of how to get to Somalia, travelling first to South Africa under the pretence of studying at a madrasa, and then continuing overland.

In January 2010 three FBI agents went to his house, and questioned him about his travel plans and intention to go to Somalia – something which he denied. The FBI tried unsuccessfully to put him on the No Fly List, and then arrested him, charged with making false statements.

The law said that Simpson and his partner (now identified as) Nadir Soofi may have planted a popper under their vehicle. The Dallas SWAT is doing a bomb sweep of the suspects car and their possible Phoenix residence.
Nadir Soofi was the second string in a failed mass shooting.
Simpson who was under the radar by the U.S. Justice Department had lied to the law saying he wasn't involved in pandering propaganda to al-Shabaab. He wanted to join the Somali group and lied about it. He was spared federal time out.

Geller, Frank Gaffney, Robert Spenser, Dutch politico Geert Wilders, Steve Emerson and the website World Nut Daily are often watching their backs. They fear that day would come when they let their guard down.

Islamic extremists call for a swift kill and they're on the list.

The usual word vomit from the racist right is the call for more profiling of Blacks, Latinos and Muslims. According to the racist right, these three are more dangerous than some White guy who may kill an innocent Muslim family. They don't see any problems with a reckless cop or vigilante killing an unarmed Black man.

If the criminal has ties to religious extremism (i.e. Muslim), they're focused on it! Of course, blame President Barack Obama for it. Obviously he's one of them.....

World News Today send our prayers who were injured in this senseless tragedy. Take discretion when listening to Pam Geller. She is considered an extremist.

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