Friday, May 08, 2015

Dorian Johnson Spent A Night In The County After He Resisted Arrest!

Key witness in Michael Brown shooting got a night in the county after disorderly conduct with the law.

Damn, not a great day to be Dorian Johnson. Just a few days after filing a federal lawsuit against the city of Ferguson and the former cop Darren Wilson, the friend of Michael Brown got his ass back in lock up again.

Giving himself another reason to why the racist right attacks him.

Once a thug......

Okay, here's what happened. According to the junk food media, he was resisting arrest and having possession of drugs. An arresting officer was trying grab his brother after a protest. Johnson was trying to film and shout out the cops. The cops decided that Johnson was too much of a burden so they put the clappers on him. The cops said that he was pretty damn feisty.

The arrest came on the same day that an attorney announced Johnson is suing the city of Ferguson, its former police chief and former officer Darren Wilson. In the lawsuit, Johnson claims he suffered psychological scars and emotional distress on the day that Wilson stopped him and Brown, CNN affiliates KTVI and KPLR reported. He is seeking at least $25,000 in damages and is also asking for an injunction to stop what he calls discriminatory police practices in Ferguson, KTVI and KPLR said.

MSNBC reports that Dorian Johnson is charged with interfering with an arrest, a misdemeanor.

His brother Demonte Johnson is charged with resisting arrest and third-degree assault on a police officer, both misdemeanors. Requests for comment from Dorian Johnson’s attorneys were not immediately returned Thursday.

Johnson's arrest is automatic bait for the racist right. Even though it's minor criminal acts, to the racist right, it's like he robbed a bank and took hostages.


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