Tuesday, April 07, 2015

North Charleston Officer Charged With Murder! [NSFW]

Police officer off the force and in county lockup. He shot a fleeing suspect in the back and tried to plant evidence. He may have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for them witnesses and those damn camera phones.

Damn, this is getting worse.

Everyone knows that getting a traffic citation sucks. Some believe that the cops are picking on you because you did everything right, but according to the officer, you done an infraction.

Did you know that cops can lie to make an arrest?

Yes. They can and will do so.

The law can lie to justify a pull over, a citation, an arrest or use of force by service weapon or physical restraint.
Evidence drop.
Police brutality is an ongoing issue. Black and Latino men are often looked upon as natural born criminals in the minds of the racist right and the law. About 38% of Black men and 40% Hispanic men all aged 18 - 39 have been pulled over by the law.

The North Charleston Police are doing some major damage control after one of their officers decided to put eight slugs in an unarmed man. It would have been the officer walking free if it wasn't for a witness who filmed the whole ordeal.

The officer who fired on 50 year old Walter Scott of North Carolina is being charged with murder.

He pulled over Scott in his Mercedes Benz. The officer claimed that the suspect was reaching for his taser. The officer was caught firing his service weapon at the suspect fleeing. Then apparently the officer may have tried to plant evidence on the suspect after he was down on the ground.
Corrupt cop Michael Slager got locked up for emptying his firearm on the unarmed Walter Scott.
Michael Slager, 33 was seen shooting the suspect after a confrontation. He didn't realize that a witness was watching the whole ordeal. The officer chases Scott and then fires on him.

Slager and his lawyer claimed that Scott reached for his gun and he felt threatened by the suspect.

But the video contradicts his claim.

Now I am waiting on that bullshit peddler Matt Drudge, the annoying conservative agitator Sean Hannity, racial asshat Colin Flaherty, and smear merchant Charles C. Johnson to slander Scott's name.

The confrontation started when Slager had reportedly pulled over Scott because of a taillight violation. The officer claimed that the taillight was broken. Scott was issued a warrant for child support.

Scott was being chased by Slager in a grassy lot. Slager claimed that he fired his taser on the suspect to restrain him.

Moments later, there's Slager calling dispatch for backup after he reported shots were fired.
Walter Scott had petty criminal charges. It didn't merit in murder.
In parts of the video you see Slager planting the taser next to a nearly lifeless body.

Other claims stated that officers performed CPR and delivered medical aid to Scott, but the video shows that Scott was face down with handcuffs on him. Apparently over 10 minutes pass the first firing. One officer gave aid but didn't do CPR.

Scott had been charged for being a "broke baby daddy".

Conservatives go to town. A man who has multiple children and can't pay for them. He's a "gubmint handout" right? He was the father of four children and didn't have a criminal record for violence.

He was about to get married says the Scott family attorney.

Now in lockup, Slager could face either LIFE in the iron college or perhaps the GAS.

Now I am wondering if FRED 101 or FartDown will find some excuse to denounce this.

FRED 101 are you going to find some excuse to say that Walter Scott caused his own death?

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Walter Scott.

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The Blue Light Buzz said...

You still don't get it.

The LAW can lie when issuing a citation, an arrest, a discharge of service weapon or physical restraint.

See if there were people filming the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown videos, the vigilante who was told to stay in his vehicle and the cop who didn't have his dash camera on would be questioned in judgement.

Without the video, you would be running your goddamn mouth saying that Scott was reaching for the gun, (taser) or whatever the officer concocted.

Fuck you and the links.

I told you I don't take links from White extremists/conservative websites.

Fred101 you're a pain in the ass.


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