Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Secret Service Under Fire Again For Drunk Agents!

Who can the president trust?

The Washington Post reports that two Secret Service agents were fired out the cannon after it was reported that two of them got drunk and crashed into a White House barricade. The agents were inside the government vehicle.

One of those agents were on the president's personal detail crew.

Another reckless event created by the men and women who protect our president.
The Secret Service has really screwed up. The president had to fire the cannon and let Mark Sullivan and Julia Pierson fly out of it. 

The Salahis crashing an invite only party, the prostitution scandal in Colombia, the fence jumper, the bullet holes in the White House, the drone, the fake credentials standing near the president, the numerous death threats to President Barack Obama and his family, the threats to Vice President Joe Biden, Weeper John Boehner (R-OH) and their families hurt the credibility of the Secret Service.

Joe Clancy the current director of the Secret Service promises the hammer to drop on those agents who fuck up. 

These fuck ups are dangerous.

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