Friday, March 20, 2015

Starbucks Wants To Rap With The Black Folks!

Let's be friends.

One thing conservatives and liberals hate being called is RACIST.

That term is like kryptonite towards agitators, people who word vomit in comment sections, the junk food media and the general public.

How can I be a racist if I have ________ friends?

How can I be racist if I believe ________ policies are wrong for this country?

How can I be racist if I think ________ is wrong for this country?

Okay, you have to fill in the blanks. Obviously, I bet you already have an idea where I'm going.

Now if you're interested in Starbucks coffee, how about heading over to air out your grievances.

The national coffee and beverage chain is making social justice a name brand.

Starbucks is offering its franchises a often sensitive suggestion. Bond with your customers by asking them about how they feel about today's America. Is racism in America over?



Starbucks is concerned that in today's environment, race relations hasn't changed much. Even though we've have Barack Obama, the first Black president for seven years, his legacy is marred by the ongoing opposition by those in Washington. Those in Washington, DC are not so subtle in their opposition towards the president.

The opposition may claim that the president's policies are wrong, but some really believe that it's mostly racial matters. The racial matters involve those in the insurgency, the conservative agitators and of course the junk food media.

Howard Schultz the CEO came up with the RaceTogether meme.

So get yourself a coffee and then rap with sales clerk about how lousy racism is in America.

Good idea or bad idea?

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