Saturday, March 14, 2015

Obama Reads "Mean Tweets" On Jimmy Kimmel!

President Barack Obama went to Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about issues in America and also apologize to Kimmel for skipping an appearance last year.

The president goes to Jimmy Kimmel Live to read off the "Mean Tweets", a regular feature on his show. The president reads some select tweets from his most harshest critics.

I didn't get an opportunity to watch the president on Kimmel but I heard it was hilarious.

Of course, the conservative agitators aren't going to like it. They find it beneath the office of the presidency for Barack Obama to go on comedy shows.

President Barack Obama is going to outlets that appeal to younger viewers. He's gotten tired of the cable news agitators. He turns to the social media and comedy programs to push his final two years.

I bet the outrage meter is off the hook for the racist right.

Here's the video of Obama reading "Mean Tweets".

He gotten serious about the issues in Ferguson, the Republicans writing that letter to Iran, and the next two years.

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