Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Andrea Shea King..Said Blacks Should Be Hanging From A Noose...

The following report comes from Right Wing Watch, from the organization, People for the American Way:

WorldNetDaily commentator and fringe radio host Andrea Shea King wants to punish elected officials who plan to skip Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial address to the U.S. Congress tomorrow…by putting them to death.
King said on her radio program last month that such officials shouldn’tW just “pay with their jobs” but should also “pay with their lives.”

That's extremely racist and genocidal.  The Right Wing media is grasping at the straws to attack President Obama and if they couldn't directly attack the president, they cowardly attack any Black leader or celebrity.

MrSuperboy has done a brilliant job in analyzing that no-good woman.

What are your thoughts on that latest salvo?

1 comment:

Jim Kennedy said...

I find what she said very telling of conservatives in general. I am sure that they would like for her to stay on the front lines in the assault on black Americans and this President.


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