Tuesday, February 24, 2015

McCain And Graham Are Senile And The Junk Food Media Continues To Allow Them On!

Sitting comfortably. These two are often the junk food media's experts on foreign policy in the world. They're not experts. They throw their shit at the wall and hope it sticks.

GOP Sundays are John McCain and Lindsey Graham's hangout. These two geezers continue to beat their chest and throw their shit at the president over his strategy to combat the Islamic State.

The flabby senator from Arizona got his ass beat in 2008. Why are the agitators still allowing this flip-flopping inconsistent scum on their programs?

Senator John McCain has no credibility whatsoever. He picked the moron from Alaska as his running mate. Enough said. He has no business giving advice on how to deal with military action overseas.

Gomer Pyle is thinking about getting into the clown car. Graham is often bitching about how President Barack Obama's refusal to say "radical Islam". He's claiming that the country could be blown up in second. The usual word vomit of fear and chickenshit.

McCain and Graham are senile. They both are discredited lawmakers.

Another thing, McCain said that he's ashamed of his country, the president and the situation in Ukraine.

Wondering if that simpleton Rudy Giuliani will question the patriotism of McCain?

Islamophobia is one of the common tactics of the racist right. Republican lawmakers and conservative agitators are playing the only card they got. The FEAR card. It's getting old and I am seriously hoping that they'll overcome this obsession with the Islamic State.

If we didn't go to war in Iraq, we wouldn't be in this mess. President Barack Obama is considering military action in Iraq. The Iraqi military were scared off by the Islamic State. Now the U.S. has to retrain other men to die for a worthless cause.

McCain, Graham and the rest of the noise machine are pussies. They fear man.....

Real men don't fear the unknown. They embrace it.

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