Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Milwaukee County Sheriff Is The New Toy For The Racist Right!

Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke is the new toy for the racist right.

Oh, great! Another Black leader trying to tells "US BLACK FOLK" how to act!

Another condescending jackass who runs to cameras piss pouring on the Black community while playing the role of a Black leader.

David A. Clarke, Jr. has appeared on Loserville and some of the radio agitators last year and it seems like he's none tired of being in the spotlight. He's the racist right's new toy. He's the Black conservative who gets praise for attacking Black America.

Clarke is an African American sheriff for Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

He is a registered DEMOCRAT (or seriously an independent). He could actually be a Republican trying to win as a Democrat. Yeah, that's what's up! He's the police head of a county that has 1.4 million residents. He's Black and he's doing the Bill Cosby talk to "US BLACK MEN".

He's a damn good snake oil salesman too. While I do respect the way he goes off on them feral Black teens and young men, his approach almost sounds similar to the very agitators who make their reputation on vomiting the garbage this guy is sniffing through.

It's almost like Clarke is a White guy saying things that degrade a whole community. And he gets away with it because he's Black.

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating the shooting that happened last year involving two officers killing an unarmed suspect.

Clarke is no fan of President Barack Obama. He calls the president, Rev. Perm, Attorney General Eric Holder and New York mayor Bill de Blasio a bunch of racial agitators.

He spoke to the agitators telling them that these people need to apologize to the police.

For what?

Because the president sympathizes with being profiled when he was a nobody. Or Rev. Perm on the fact he calls for justice for all unarmed citizens killed by police and vigilantes such as George Zimmerman. Or de Blasio telling his biracial son that the world looks at you different when you're black and the law pulls you over. Or Holder telling the nation that we're cowards when it comes to discussing race.
Clarke loves the cameras. He appears on Megyn The Outrage Princess and her primetime gig.
Since when is criticizing the law a crime?

For one, the president has the right criticize the law. He thought that racial profiling on Black men is probably one of the reasons to why some in the community refuse to tell the cops about serious crimes. The very fact that profiling leads to some not telling the law about criminal acts.

Obama felt that passion when Henry "Skip" Gates was arrested in his own home by Cambridge police. They didn't recognize him as a professor and reality television star. They saw him as a man trying to break into a home. Even though he told the officers that he locked himself out.

The president felt the very same way about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. They were individuals who were unarmed but the junk food media turned them into criminals who deserve their fate.

Clarke has the right to say whatever the fuck he wants. He's given the power. The only people who love this stuff are the White extremists who felt that "one NIGGER" got in line. He knows how White folks feel when it comes to Blacks crying racism in America.

Clarke is an agitator. He is preparing to throw bombs in the potential run for Milwaukee mayor. He's going against failed gubernatorial candidate and current mayor Tom Barrett in 2016. He will run as an independent with support of Republicans.

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