Thursday, December 11, 2014

Florida State University Professor Fired Out The Cannon After Racist Social Media Spat!

I've worked so many years for FSU, and you people are trying to fire me for speaking my mind. 

Another issue at the Florida State University is a professor who went to the social networks to vent off about Black America's frustrations with law enforcement getting off after killing unarmed or given right citizens of color.

The very fact that unarmed citizens (of color) being killed by law enforcement has became the final major event in 2014. This has carried further than expected. With the grand jury decisions not to indict a NYPD officer in the stranglehold of Eric Garner marks another week of unrest in Missouri and probably across the nation.

This professor Deborah O'Connor was a business communication instructor. This woman was on the sidelines trolling the internet for a fight. She picked a fight with a gay celebrity hairstylist. That fight ended up costing her job, her reputation and probably the scorn of the university. The university asked for her resignation after it was revealed that Colin Lively's on police brutality merit a brutal insult. She would post the following:

The angry responses of a right wing troll.
"YOU elected POTUS, Holder et al. And they are supposed to represent all Americans, not just blacks … why don't these ass clowns insert themselves into their stories?"

"Take your Northern fagoot [sic] elitism and shove it up your ass."

"I teach at a University, you asshole. What do you do?"

"You are an intellectual fraud, just like your Messiah. Obama has single-handedly turned our once great society into a Ghetto Culture, rivaling that of Europe. France is almost at war because of his filthy rodent Muslims who are attacking Native Frenchmen and women."

"I just looked at your picture and what you do for a living. I'm signing off now. I don't talk to you people."

Colin Lively.
Okay, this woman is a total moron. She should have known better. Even though FSU has no regulations on social media activism, her jobs requires her to keep her opinions off the social networks.

In the digital age, nowadays everything you post on those damn social networking sites will stay online forever. And if you want to do something that may cost you your job, your friends, your freedom, and your sanity, just don't do it!

Well as explained this is a toxic issue. The hashtags #CrimingWhileWhite, #IfTheyGunnedMeDown and the new hashtag #AliveWhileBlack have sparked the debate of White privilege and bias in arresting Blacks by those in law enforcement.

This former FSU professor didn't realize that Myron May went on a rampage at the campus a few week ago after having thought the world was out to get him. He shot four before the law put the slugs in him. He would be killed after a ten minute rampage. This extremist was given the opportunities most never gotten. A master's degree, a law degree and an alumni status. Not too many have an opportunity to achieve the dream through the American educational system.

May, a graduate of FSU in 2005 went into the library and let rounds. Four were injured critically.

Some good news happens at FSU. The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Division I Seminoles football team get an opportunity to win the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) trophy. They will play the Oregon Ducks (2) for the chance to advance to the finals. The other teams include Alabama Crimson Tide (1) and the Ohio State Buckeyes (4). Each team could advance to the finals.

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