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Where's Carlisha Freeland-Gaither?

Where's Carlisha?
The junk food media has taken an interest in the abduction of a Philadelphia nurse who was kidnapped. The kidnapping was on video showing a man running up on the young woman Carlisha Freeland-Gaither. Within a few seconds, you see her kicking and screaming. There's reports that she was trying to punch the abductor. The woman was leaving a party and then a few moments later, a Black male runs up on her and takes her.

Now leads are pouring into the case. The law has a description of the person who used her credit card in a Maryland store.

Now what's going down?

The feds are now getting involved in the search.

On Sunday, Carlisha a 22-year old nurse was heading home. When she gotten to the Germantown section of Philadelphia, the kidnapping occurred.

Police recovered the woman's purse and cell phone. So this isn't an apparent robbery.

I mean this young woman put up a fight. The family is grief stricken by this. They are hoping that there's a chance that the young woman is still alive.
The description of the suspect who used Carlisha Freeland-Gaither's credit card.
The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that it's unclear whether the man seen using the ATM early Monday is the same man who was captured on video Sunday dragging Carlesha Freeland-Gaither into a waiting sedan in the 100 block of West Coulter Street as she struggled and screamed.

Added, investigators have also interviewed a person whose car is seen on the video backing away from the Taurus, as well as a man seen running down the block. The witness in the car told investigators he saw Freeland-Gaither being forced into the car, police said, and saw the car's windows shatter before he backed away. The witness did not get a license plate number, police said.

At the news conference, Freeland-Gaither's grandmother, Ana Mulero, said there were "some gray people" in the woman's past, mentioning a boy she had forbidden her granddaughter to date. A police official ended the line of questioning before she went into more detail.

Freeland-Gaither had recently moved from her grandfather's house to live with her boyfriend just a few blocks from where she was kidnapped.

ABC News reports that the feds released the new video showing a man in a hooded jacket as he shops in a supermarket hours before that Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was kidnapped on Sunday, according to the video time stamp.

The video shows the man entering and leaving the unidentified store as well as walking through its aisles. He appears to have a slight limp. Investigators also noted that the man in the video had a wallet chain and wore a dark hoodie.

Police have not named any suspects in the case.

Freeland-Gaither's abduction on an empty Philadelphia street Sunday night was caught on surveillance video and began with a wary handshake, according to additional video released Tuesday night.

Additional surveillance footage taken from a second angle of the kidnapping revealed the first frightening moments between Freeland-Gaither and her assailant.

It's not clear if they interviewed the boyfriend but obviously that's the first person to question.

We here at Journal de la Reyna hope for a safe recovery for Carlisha.

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