Monday, November 17, 2014

Ignorant Fan Takes NFL Souvenir From Woman!

In a second a controversy would ensue.

The NFL Network, CBS and most of the junk food media is going to have a field day with the guy who took a ball from a woman. The woman wearing a Cincinnati Bengals jersey went to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome to watch her team play against the New Orleans Saints.

As Jermaine Gresham scored the touchdown, he heads towards the fan. He toss the ball and as the woman was about to catch it, this old Black ignorant fan elbowed her and took the ball.

As the cameras are rolling, you see the woman is pleading to the old Black ignorant fan to no avail.

Christa Barrett became a viral sensation. ESPN reports that there was a point during the game when it appeared that despite her best efforts, she would be going back home to Versailles, Kentucky, empty-handed. Thanks to a kind gesture from the Saints organization, that didn't happen.

Midway through the third quarter, Cincinnati tight end Jermaine Gresham caught a 1-yard touchdown pass that put the Bengals up 19-3 when he jogged over to the end zone wall. As he approached, two female Bengals fans -- one dressed in a black A.J. Green jersey and the other in an orange Bengals T-shirt -- had just jogged down the section's steps to the edge of the wall. They were excitedly pleading for the ball when Gresham complied.

But what none of them, not Gresham nor the women asking for the ball, had expected was the male Saints fan lurking nearby in the first row.

As the ball left Gresham's hands, the Saints fan, identified by the Cincinnati Enquirer as a man named Tony Williams, leaped in front of the two women. As the one in the Green jersey -- identified by the Enquirer as Barrett -- caught the flip, Williams snatched the ball from her. In the same motion, he sat back down, putting the ball underneath his right arm.

It stayed there the rest of the game.

"He should be ashamed of himself," Gresham told a reporter from The Associated Press after the game.

After the game, Gresham took to Twitter to apologize to one of the women involved.

That is bullshit. I know that what you do in front of the cameras could be used against you. And believe me, now that the junk food media seen the video, they'll certainly try to find who he is and give him the works.

Trust me, the racist right will love to see stuff like this.

When asked by the junk food media, Barrett said there's no ill-will toward Williams and that anything Gresham gave to her, she'd like to donate to the Devon Still's campaign to raise money for pediatric cancer.

Williams said he's been sitting in his seat at the edge of section 130 since the Superdome opened.

"Nooooo," Williams said when asked if he was going to give up the football.

Why not?

"Because I caught it," he said. "It's very simple, I caught the football."

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Williams and Barrett left the stadium with a football, though. The Saints gave Barrett a ball, and Williams left with the one he caught.

"Yeah, I saw it," he said. "I didn't mean to hit that young lady. I was just reaching for the football. I didn't mean to hurt the lady."

He also made it clear, he had no intention of giving up the football — or his seat.

The social media is urging the NFL and Saints organization to ban this guy for the remaining season.

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