Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hannity: Jon Stewart Caught A STD D**k-Riding Obama!

Gloating about Republican victory, that annoying conservative agitator reignites his feud with Jon Stewart.

Of course that's not what that annoying ass conservative agitator said, but it's more worthy of what the tension is between him and Comedy Central's Jon Stewart.

On the note of who deserves credit for Republicans taking control of Congress. I give credit to Laura Ingraham as the one who helped the insurgency and Republicans take control of Congress. She is the most active and somewhat likable agitator in the conservative media. Without her influences on the Republican primaries, none of this would have happen.

Congratulations to her and the Republicans.

Someone who I refuse to give credit to is this annoying ass conservative agitator who was demoted for being somewhat of a pain in the neck for Chief Roger. He and the old fart in the afternoon get no credit. I wish they were more active in making Republicans look even more stupider than they are. These agitators may have popped the corks of their champagne bottles and firearms, but you can't seriously give them credit for a lackluster turnout. A crop of weak candidates who ran away from the president when things were getting better. Despite the good, the Democrats went soft and got slammed hard.

Now this is the very same man who picked a fight with a comedian only seven months ago during a debate over an extremist rancher squaring off with federal land agents over his cattle grazing on protected land.

Now he doing a little gloating and a not so nice shot at the comedian. He said that Jon Stewart of the Daily Show has his head so far up Obama's ass, it's unbelievable he can see clearly.
Expect this feud to get even uglier when Jon Stewart responds to that annoying conservative agitator's comments.
"Nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps, nearly 50 million in poverty, the lowest labor participation rate since 1978, and Jon's beloved president who once said George Bush's debt was 'irresponsible and unpatriotic' has almost accumulated more debt then every other President before him combined," Hannity wrote. "Do I even need to remind him about keeping our doctors, our health plans and saving money? And how is that healthcare website working out?  Or Iraq, Isis, the 'Russian reset'?"

"Jon's problem is he has his head so far up Obama's ass he cannot see clearly, he is obviously better suited to reading his joke writers material, and making his clapping seal audience happy," Hannity continued.

"I await another Rally to Restore Sanity with Fatwah supporter Cat Stevens!!" he said, referring to the event that Stewart and Stephen Colbert hosted in Washington, D.C., in 2010.

This was from The Politico. This was a response to the Rolling Stone interview Stewart had in which he referred to the annoying conservative agitator as "loathsome".

Stewart reflects on the midterm elections. The Rolling Stone had interviewed him on his tenure and what makes his show successful and his new movie Rosewater, a thriller that's coming to theaters this fall. They also mentioned his ongoing attacks on Loserville.

Stewart made note that he respects O'Loofus as a broadcaster, but slams that network as an instrument for the divisive and destructive culture in American media.
He love to mock Loserville for its sensationalist reports.
I think that [Chief Roger's tactics created a great gift that was] mainstreaming that nativist, paranoid streak in American politics and putting it on television in a much prettier, shinier box. What they did was change the inflection point. AM talk radio is, "We are being robbed by communists and progressives that are destroying this country. They are a cancer and treasonous!" [Loserville] does it like, [sweet, cheery voice] "Are we being run by communists? Is it treason what they're doing? Let's have the discussion."

[That annoying conservative agitator] is a populist with a nativist bent. There's that sort of grand nostalgia that a certain type of populist has for the country that used to exist in this magical state, but that's not actually real. O'Loofus has this vision of Levittown and how it made him, but there was a bar of entry to that. The fact his family could get that house and build wealth there is a big deal.

[That annoying conservative agitator] is probably the most loathsome dude over there. That's just pure cynicism, and it's horrible. Everything is presented in as devious a manner as it could be possibly be presented. [And if asked to appear on the Daily Show, it's not going to happen] That's probably a shortcoming, but I have no interest in that. I probably should. It would be interesting, I guess.

I guess Stewart will respond to the "head up Obama's ass" remark on his program tonight. We'll see. The junk food media does love to cover their feud.

Alright, before you give any feedback to this story. Ground rules. I will not refer to that annoying conservative agitator by name in any of my postings. The only time I refer to him by his name is only in the title. I listen to his show on radio and television and I do get tired of him repeating Obama's name over and over. He says Obama name over 1,000 times in a day. That's why I refer to him as an annoying conservative agitator.

Second, I don't have much respect for that network. I believe it's a communication arm for the Republican Party.

Third, I will refer to Bill O'Reilly as O'Loofus.

I will not mention that network by name. I will call it Loserville. The reason comes from Obama New (aka MSNBC) president Phil Griffin's takedown of that network during its brief surge in ratings.

I decided to stick with it.

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