Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A DINO, A Token And An Insurgent Fights For A Hot Seat!

Embattled politico Mary Landrieu, Democrat from Louisiana facing a tougher challenge. The establishment's choice is attacking her for interacting with residents. Here's a picture of her giving a man a shot of booze. 

There's a three way race in the state of Louisiana. Embattled politico Mary Landrieu, Deomcratic senator is one of the most vulnerable candidates in the election. She, along with fellow Arkansas senator Mark Pryor, and Alaska senator Mark Begich are top targets for Republicans this year.

These three are the gun totting, oil drilling, flip-flopping, socially conservative Democrats.

These candidates are facing a Midterm battle against the Republicans and the insurgency.

The insurgency has been defiant. They managed to scalp Eric Cantor and there hoping to get rid of the Establishment's choice of candidates.

Bill Cassidy, Republican congressman from Louisiana is running along with an insurgent candidate in the fight for the seat of an incumbent Landrieu.

Under Louisiana's jungle primary system, all candidates will appear on the same ballot, regardless of party. If no candidate receives 50 percent plus one vote during the primary election, a runoff election will be held on December 6, 2014 between the top two candidates in the primary.
Three crayfish in the gumbo.
Rob Maness is an insurgent candidate who is actively seeking to defeat the establishment Cassidy and the embattled Landrieu. Maness was endorsed by the insurgency and that idiot former Alaskan governor. The Gun Owners Association, Senate Conservatives Fund, and Tony Perkins are saying that if you're smart you'll vote for Manes.

Cassidy resides in Baton Rouge. He has been in Congress since 2009.

Cassidy already has pissed off the insurgency. I am listening to that annoying conservative agitator's radio show where he played a clip of Cassidy saying that he would improve Obamacare, the scorn of the insurgency.

If the race was held today, Landrieu will win. But in less than 60 days, the incumbent would face the barrage of criticism from the Republicans. Already Cassidy is flinging mud over the fact that Landrieu may not be living in New Orleans.

Landrieu lives in New Orleans, the largest city in the state. Her brother Mitch is the mayor of the city and has been actively courting young voters to vote this year.

My conclusion on the battle: TOSS UP (LIKELY DEMOCRAT)

Landrieu is a tough fighter. She hopes that the Black vote turnout will once again swing in her favor.

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