Sunday, August 17, 2014

DOJ Told Ferg Cops That The Michael Brown "Robbery" Video Will Spark Riots!

The cops wanted to prove a point. They've thought wrong. 

Yeah, a video will shed light into what actually happened that afternoon Michael Brown was shot and killed by the Ferguson police. Officer Darren Wilson confronted Brown and his friend near a housing project.

The officer got into a confrontation with Brown and it led to the shooting. The officer is on leave pending investigation. He is also in fear of his life after the incident.

The Missouri governor of the state Jay Nixon ordered a curfew for portions of St. Louis County.

The embattled Democratic politico has gotten a hard lesson in reality. His constituents are pissed off at the way this issue was handled.
Jay Nixon, the embattled Democratic governor greets Missouri State Patrol lead Ron Johnson. Johnson is putting a lil' old school parenting and preaching. He is in charge of maintain control in Ferguson.
The Ferguson police would say that Brown was a suspect in the robbery of a few Swisher Sweets. He got into the face of the QuikStop clerk and pushed him.

That right there has gotten the racist right to attack his character. The junk food media is running it in loops.

The family is totally outraged over the release. They claim that this attempt to shame the victim is pathetic and they demand that the law tell the truth about the confrontation.

The confrontation has two accounts. The police account and the witnesses.

The cops say that he put up a fight and tried to reach for the officer's service gun. The witnesses say that there was a scuffle but it only involved the officer and his gun. The teen raised his arms up and the officer still fired upon him. The officer's vehicle doesn't have a dash camera.

The Department of Justice and the FBI are urging the residents to not cause more chaos. They warned the residents that looting and rioting is not going to be tolerated and prosecution is going to happen to those involved.
Michael Brown's mother Lesley McSpadden believe the junk food media is slandering their son's name.
The DOJ also warned that releasing the video could spark it. Unfortunately the reactionary insurgency and racist right will also be agitated as well.

Rioting and looting continued despite police warnings. The protesters ignored the warnings and the police went back to bringing out the military style vehicles.

We are watching the developments as they continue. A sad day in America. The racist right, the rioting and the unjustifiable outrage has made me look at America in a totally different light.

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