Friday, July 11, 2014

Rick Perry And Sean Hannity Show Their Guns!

Caption this...

Okay, the newest conservative outrage by our Republican friends is the president not going to the border between the United States and Mexico. They're getting their rise over an influx of migrant children and families escaping the civil wars (drug cartels) for the United States. They are seeking asylum and the White extremists here in the U.S. are standing near the border with firearms and hate in their hearts.

I mean we waste more food, energy, and supplies than most of those overseas. We are extremely blessed that we have the right to be righteous bigots. Because if this wasn't America, you would have been shot.

The Republican governor of Texas and that conservative agitator both complained that the president has more time to get a hit of a bong then to stand at the border.

The conservative agitators want to impeach him. The Republicans want to sue him. The junk food media makes migrant children look like parasites. The junk food media is festering over the president's job approval.

It doesn't seem like the media is liberal as they claim.

It seems like Republicans are on television a lot more than the Democrats nowadays.

For one thing, the real photo op is this one above you! The conservative agitator and the former 2012 presidential candidate have both slip in the shit. So we're standing near an assault rifle. What are we trying to prove?

We gonna shot some illegals! Right?

See the president didn't want a photo op for two reasons: It wouldn't satisfy the critics. And he rather see Congress pass immigration reform and give him the money to curb this issue. A thing the House of Representatives refuse to do because it may piss off the insurgency.

Governor OOPS and That Guy Who Helped Obama Win have stirred the bee's nest once again with this "big guns tiny penis" rhetoric. These morons are going to gin up radical extremism.

Nothing will satisfy the racist right. These guys are going to attack the president no matter what he does.

If the president overseas a cure for cancer, the lower the gas prices to less than $Z gallon, have unemployment down to 4%, they still complain no matter what.

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