Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Not So Great Destiny!

The mug shot: Farrah Franklin was arrested early on Sunday morning for disorderly conduct in South Carolina; she used to be in the band Destiny's Child
Farrah Franklin is washed up. She spent a day in county lockup.

Farrah Franklin, formerly of Destiny's Child got a few days in county lockup after causing some disorderly conduct in South Carolina.

She was busted for having disorderly conduct. She had a few drinks before she went to town.

Franklin was arrested in South Carolina early Sunday morning for disorderly conduct ... TMZ has learned and our sources tell us alcohol was definitely involved. Franklin -- who who spent 5 months with the group in 2000 before Beyonce and Kelly Rowland gave her the boot -- was booked into the Horry County Detention Center in Conway around 5AM.

In April 2011, Franklin was arrested for disorderly conduct in Culver City, California.

She later claimed that she was "manhandled" by police, the victim of racial profiling and had not been arrested but merely detained; however, police reiterated to TMZ that she was in fact arrested and that they were responding to a resident's claim that Franklin had been "disturbing the peace"

Kelly Rowland only second to Beyonce Carter is expecting a child this year.

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