Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Ohio Cop Tricking While On Duty!

Rust town got rattled by police chief's naughty behavior. Cop been running a train, He willingly helped a prostitute make her money.

While he was the chief of the town of Glouster, Ohio, Lucas Mace wore the uniform and was sworn to protect. I guess protecting a fugitive felon was one of the things he's done.

He was running a brothel out of the police station. The Ohio Attorney General and FBI are probing into the city and those who associated with Mace.

Mace met 23-year-old Hillary Hooper on the scene of a traffic accident.

Despite her outstanding warrants, Mace let her go, slept with her, and helped her flee authorities, according to prosecutor Keller Blackburn. Mace's behavior reveals a "shameful pattern of wrongdoing," said Blackburn. "He was basically using his office as a dating service."
Hillary Hooper (left) and Lucas Mace (right) are arrested after being charged with complicity. Mace is a police chief to a small Ohio town. He was arraigned for prostitution and dereliction of duty.
Blackburn also accused him of hiding from the mayor while on the job and helping Hooper—an alleged heroin addict—change a car tire while in uniform. What's more, Blackburn said Mace kept a camera running in his office, dated women "inappropriate to his public position," and likely had sex in his patrol car, the Columbus Dispatch reports. An intimate tidbit: Mace described Hooper as a "softie" because "she had the softest skin he'd ever touched," said Blackburn, apparently relying on recorded radio traffic. No word yet from Mace, who's suspended without pay.

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