Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is Republican Governor Scott Walker In Trouble?

Walker under fire for shady funds.

The controversial Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is mounted up a reasonable amount of problems during his first term as the state's governor. He was risen to prominence by the insurgency.

He faced Democratic nominee, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, in the general election, where Walker won with 52% of the vote.

Walker survived a recall challenge during his first year.

Walker introduced a controversial budget repair plan which eliminated many collective bargaining rights for most public employees and made over $1 billion in cuts to the state's biennial education budget and $500 million in cuts from the state's biennial Medicaid budget.

The budget cuts led to significant protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol and sparked an effort to recall Walker.

In a special election in June 2012, Walker again faced Tom Barrett in Wisconsin's first and only Gubernatorial recall election and defeated him for a second time, obtaining more than 53% of the vote. Walker is the first and only governor in the U.S. to date to win a gubernatorial recall election

The governor and Republican state lawmakers passing that controversial Union busting law triggered the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Associated Press reports that newly released documents show prosecutors are alleging Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was at the center of a nationwide "criminal scheme" to illegally coordinate with outside conservative groups.

The documents were filed as part of an ongoing lawsuit challenging the probe by the conservative group Wisconsin Club for Growth. They were ordered publicly released Thursday by a federal appeals court judge after prosecutors and the Wisconsin Club for Growth did not object.

One of the filings from prosecutors outlines previously unknown details about the investigation that began in 2012 as Walker was facing a recall election.

Prosecutors say Walker, his chief of staff and others who worked for him were discussing illegal coordination with a number of national groups and prominent figures, including GOP strategist Karl Rove.

Now it seems like there's political buzz around Walker. The Republicans believe that he's capable of being in the White House.

He up for reelection again and he's going to be facing a tougher challenger. I know the spineless Democrats probably lined up a candidate strong enough to beat him, right?

We'll see how this goes!

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