Thursday, December 05, 2013

Black Republicans: Obama Ain't Done Nothing For "YOU BLACK FOLK!"

Condescending Black Republicans bemoan about "us Black folk" who refuse to join the party that embraces racism. I mean we have the first Black president and all of sudden, we see more and more extremism coming from every element of society since President Barack Obama took oath in 2009.

Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela. You helped end apartheid

President Barack Obama addressed the nation about the loss of such a great leader.

Over and over again, the racist right would bemoan the Black community about how life has became so terrible since Barack Obama became president in 2009. They seem to have a selective memory when it comes to who does nothing for the Black community.

One breathe Black Republicans say that Blacks lives are terrible because of unemployment, "gubmint" assistance, drugs, out-of-wedlock children, and gun violence.

In the second breathe the Black Republicans say that racial profiling helps "us Black folk". They believe the gun control (for Whites) is an infringement of the Second Amendment rights. Those Black Republicans say that the "knockout game" was a creation of Obama and Trayvon Martin.

Black Republicans want "us Black folk" to bow down to the Republicans. They believe they're the only ones who could do better for the Black community.

I understand that the Republicans are so pissed that over 90% of the African American vote went strictly to Barack Obama during his 2008 and 2012 runs, respectively. They feel that its "racist" for Blacks to vote for the candidate who can appeal to their needs.

I mean those White Democrats who won the presidency (Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton) won over 90% of the Black vote. So what?

But those Black Republicans who grumble about their voices not being heard and "US PLANTATION NIGGERS" think of these guys as "HOUSE NIGGERS".

Of course, we give "you Black folk" attention. Don't you appear on CNN, Obama News and Loserville?

Don't you have the freedom of speech to [promote] your condescending rhetoric? How many times have you complained about how unemployment under Obama is way too high?

So high, I could see the water levels after the levees broke during Hurricane Katrina.

Don't you have the right to not support public schools because they indoctrinate children to be Obamabots?

The Black Republicans believe "slavery" exists in modern day society.

This week they have a member of the Republican National Committee post an "cringe-worthy" tweet based off the famous Civil Rights icon who refused to give up her seat.

Tell me in the last 70 years since we had 13 presidents, what have they've done for the Black community?

One president managed to integrate the military. One managed to create the New Deal, which helped the United States bounce out of a horrible depression. On top of that Blacks shifted in the 1940s to the Democrats because of this president's policies. I think that was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

One president's executive order forced the ending of segregation of government workers. I think that was Harry Truman.

One president ordered the Arkansas National Guard to help nine Black students go to Little Rock Central High School after the Supreme Court ordered desegregation of public schools. I think that was Dwight Eisenhower.

One president championed for the ending of Jim Crow in the South. He also maintain contact with that rabble rouser who would later become the voice of the Civil Rights Movement. He would champion for the integration of the public universities. One Black man had armed guards escort him to the University of Mississippi. He didn't make it through a full term to get the Civil Rights Act passed. I think that was John F. Kennedy.

I can tell you during the 1960s since Kennedy was killed, his successor Lyndon B. Johnson was there to finish up the work. During the "long hot summer", he advocated for passage of the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. He nominated Thurgood Marshall as the first Black Supreme Court justice.

I can say that Richard Nixon wasn't much of supporter of Civil Rights. Gerald Ford didn't get much time in office. Jimmy Carter did much for the Black community and it cost him the election. Despite high gas prices and Iran holding Americans hostage, Carter did something to help Black folks.

I can remember that growing up in the Ronald Reagan era where Blacks were getting lockup for drugs.

George Bush and son George W. really screwed up during their time in the White House. From the LA Riots to Hurricane Katrina, there's not much successes from these two. I mean they've put a lot of Black folk in government positions, but they weren't there for the whole ordeal. I mean Black Republican Colin Powell went and endorse Barack Obama twice.

I can say that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are the only two presidents who managed to succeed despite a Republican opposition that spends its course of time complaining about how Blacks lives not being better.

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