Saturday, March 02, 2013

Man Poses With Murdered Mother's Head! [NSFW]

How could someone do something to his mother and smirk about it?

A sure guarantee for the conservative/white supremacist bubble. The conservative agitating media will quickly blame President Barack Obama, the Black community, Trayvon Martin, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Attorney General Eric Holder, and all African traditions for one sick individual.

No man should hit a woman let alone his own mother. But it's a theme that's common among our young individuals.

How could anyone (i.e. Adam Lanza, Bashid McLean and others) kill their own mother?

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Tanya Byrd and other woman killed by abuse men.

Before we go into the details of this senseless tragedy, I share with you an incident of a few years back.

I remember in March 2011, my friend Glenn Walker, Jr. was accused of killing his mother. Walker, was once a former co-worker who went through the same personal demons my best friend Charles Barrett suffered.

Walker wanted to be a rapper and script writer for movies. He also was the charmer. He always seems to win over women with his smooth talk and bravado of his private parts.

He dated two of my friends and spurned them during a period where all of them were dating other people.

Walker was struggling to find a job. He was into drugs and frequently would space out over things.

Walker was implicated in the murder his mother Michelle Walker on March 16, 2011. The FBI and U.S. marshals were searching for him. They managed to catch him at the public library nearby on the computer posting comments to others on Facebook. His family and friends stated that he suffered from a mental illness and felt compassion for his own mother. It took a year for the trial and eventual conviction.

After a grand jury found Walker guilty of the murder of his mother, he was sentence 15 to life without a chance of parole.

This individual today makes it clear that for every incident that involves Black men, it's certain that it's agitation for conservatives and white supremacists.
Smiles: Byrd, pictured, met a grisly death and her son, Bashid McLean, 22, is the only suspect at this point in the investigation
Tanya Byrd was murdered by her son Bashid McLean. He decapitated her head and posted it on social networks via his cell phone. The police arrest this individual.
The New York Daily News and other media outlets report on 23-year old Bashid McLean murdering his mother 45-year old Tanya Bryd. A man walking his dog discovered the dismembered remains of Byrd at a park.

The break in the case came when the son Bashid McLean appears in a photograph he shared on social networks being "almost gleeful" holding the severed head of his mother.

He has reportedly confessed to the charges and has been placed on suicide watch.

Friends and family say that McLean developed some jealousy over his mother giving preferential treatment to his other siblings. Byrd who worked as a home health aide and was described as a "beautiful mother" and a "hard worker" by her sister.

McLean however, has been said to have been troubled for some time.

His lawyer says McLean's been off his medication for days, and according to the Daily News, McLean is schizophrenic.

McLean scouring the Internet for how to tips on covering up a murder and that he later created a MySpace page called 'Kill the b**** Tanya.'

Police say McLean murdered his mother because she 'wanted him to grow up and move out and be a man.'
Beautiful woman Tanya Byrd was murdered by callous son Bashid McLean.
McLean's father discussed his son's history of violent tendencies and said, "He did destructive things. He set fires. Nobody could control him."

DNAinfo reports McLean allegedly fatally hit his mother while she was sleeping before stealing money from her to purchase a saw to cut up her corpse.

McLean was placed in a foster home while his mother was battling a drug problem. He came back to live with her when he was 18. He was also suspected of abusing his younger brother, whose body began displaying bruises.

His friend, William Harris, 26, allegedly helped him get rid of the body. The pair were reportedly caught on surveillance video at a nearby hardware store where they bought a power saw with cash.

A blade and a box were found in the apartment McLean shared with his mother while the saw - 2-foot-long Black and Decker jigsaw - was found at Harris' home, sources said.

Cassandra McLean labelled the 23-year-old a 'monster' who had been plotting his mother's murder. 'My nephew is a monster,' she told the Daily News. 'This murder was premeditated.'

Looking gangsta! Friends and family feared that McLean would harm people.
She said he deserves the death penalty. 'He took away one of God's angels, and for that he deserves to go to hell.'

Even his father said he was a bad egg.

A photograph on his Facebook page shows him burning a scarf.

His sister, Porsche Lovett, said he wasn't remotely sorry for what he'd done. 'He looked me in the eyes and told me he did nothing wrong when he killed her,' she told the Daily News. 'I don't know who he is.'

McLean confessed to the sickening crime after police found a shower curtain missing at his apartment, which wreaked of bleach. The shower curtain was later found wrapped around his mom's body parts in one of the bags dumped on the curb for collection.

McLean was charged yesterday with second-degree murder and he and Harris were also booked on charges of hindering prosecution and the unlawful dissection of a human body.

When they were questioned they both blames the murder on the other. Harris, who has been arrested 12 times prior to yesterday's booking, told police McLean confessed to the slaying on the subway and begged for his help. Meanwhile, McLean, who was on probation after attacking two police officers with a knife in 2010, said Harris killed the woman at their apartment.

'Bashid had a problem controlling his rage,' a neighbor told the New York Daily News. 'He had creepy eyes. Didn't like to look you in the eye — but when he did, they went right through you.'

McLean confessed to the crime late on Tuesday after cops found the electric saw and other carving implements.

Police were overwhelmed by the stench of bleach when they entered the apartment Bahsid McLean shared with his mother and little brother. He was led out of the house in handcuffs.

Byrd's body parts were found strewn around at least four different curbside locations within a half-mile of the pair's Morrisania home in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The pieces - which include her head, torso, right leg and hands - were found zipped into travel bags or stuffed into plastic garbage bags.

McLean, who suffers learning disabilities, admitted to the crime during questioning by NYPD officers.

Investigators spent Tuesday scouring through piles of trash in the South Bronx neighborhood after a horrified dog-walker discovered the human remains in a travel bag at around 4:30am and called police.
NYPD arrest man who axed his mother.
One-by-one, Byrd's decapitated head, right leg, torso and hands have been unearthed in the area around Eagle Avenue, 158th Street, 156th Street and Cauldwell Avenue.

Some of Byrd's body parts were still wearing the clothes she was in when she was slaughtered, police sources told the Daily News.

A neighbor told the paper: 'I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Bashid killed her. She was afraid of that boy... He was a hellion.'

Byrd's sister, Cassandra McLean, initially defended her nephew, believing Byrd's allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend was responsible for her ghastly murder and dismemberment.
Police confirmed Byrd's son reported her missing at the Bronx's 40th precinct station.

He found a photograph of her, which they matched to the decapitated head found in one of the bags, when police showed up at his house. This is when they discovered the carving equipment.

He reportedly told police he hadn't been able to contact his mother for at least a day.

Cassandra McLean said her nephew suffered learning difficulties from an early age.

She said Bahsid McLean told her Byrd's former boyfriend dropped by on Monday and that was the last time he saw her.

'He (the ex-boyfriend) came over yesterday and walked out with her in the morning, yesterday morning,' McLean said on Tuesday. 'That’s what her son told me on the phone just now.'

She told DNAInfo that Byrd's ex-boyfriend was trouble.

'I told my sister to stay away from him, but she said he's harmless and not to worry.'

McLean added of her sister: 'She was a loving mother and very devoted to her son. That's what she lived for. That's her joy in life.'


La Reyna said...

I hope her son get the death penalty for this unspeakable evil he did to his mother. The same goes for his accomplices. They, too, need to punished as well.

But I just don't want right-wingers using him as an example of Black dysfunction while ignoring hundreds of White men and boys murdering their mothers and worse every year. Like that psychopath in Newtown, Conneticut. Look how conservatives/white supremacists overlook that one.

My condolences go to the Byrd family as they grieve the death of their beloved mother, sister, cousin, friend, and daughter. May she rests in peace.

La Reyna

Anonymous said...

I don't care how 'crazy' he is give him the chair.

Anonymous said...

Why does it always turn into a color thing? Black white green or blue he did something terrible quit trying to make him a martyr for blacks

Anonymous said...

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