Friday, October 26, 2012

Yes, It's Still About Race (And The Polls Tell It)!

Eddie Million said his Halloween decoration of a hanged President Obama was simply meant to be “spooky,” but it gave him a real-life scare in the form of a visit from Secret Service agents.
Noose to me!
The White vote is the most hardest thing for Barack Obama to win. Mitt Romney already has a strong showing among White men. Could White women become smitten by the perennial candidate?

What is a trending thing among the Republican Party, playing the race card from the bottom deck!

White men are the most pessimistic voters when it comes to the economy.

The economy is improving and yet the White voters don't see it and even if they did, they'll never credit President Barack Obama for any the success.

White voters are by far the most pessimistic voters yet! They are very reactionary. They're the ones you see on the news in the case former New Hampshire John Sununu, saying that fellow Republican Collin Powell's endorsement of the president has nothing to do with his policies, but his race!

Collin Powell endorses the president.
White voters are seeing the chants of "Obama Phones" being splashed on The Drudge Report. Spoken by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and parroted on Fox News.

White voters are listening to the parrots of the conservative media. Of course, if the president says his opinion of Mitt Romney being a big "bullshiter", it's talking down a White person!

But if Mitt Romney interupts the president in a debate, calls the president a "European style socialist", saying that the president "isn't working", or invested in "hate and division", it's coded. To the mind of some White voters it's patriotism to disrespect President Barack Obama.

White voters are listening or reading reactionary statements from people like Ann Coulter by the ways of calling the president a "retard" to the Frank Luntz focus groups in which a "former" Obama supporter wants to end the bullshit now by electing Mitt Romney.

White voters are looking at the news media and they see the 10,000+ crowds of Mitt Romney's rallies.

White voters are seeing limited improvement in their lives. And even though they may see better days ahead, they just want to get things done and they feel that President Barack Obama isn't the one to do it! And these White voters want a change.

Already the possibility of White voters fearing the Black community is spoken online in the conservative/White supremacist bubble. They fear the Blacks may take over!

The race riots are coming if the Republican nominee Mitt Romney wins, some White voters declare.

Effigies are being hung by White voters supportive of Mitt Romney. And while Mitt Romney doesn't speak of these incidents, he openly endorses this behavior!

The Huffington Post reports, a California man's Halloween yard decoration earned him a meeting with the Secret Service earlier this week.

In an interview with the Press-Enterprise, Eddie Million of Moreno Valley admitted that his addition of an effigy of President Barack Obama with a noose around its neck was a low point in his attempt to turn his house into a "spooky" scene for a Halloween party.

“I started thinking how bad it looked, and I took it down immediately,” Million told reporters after being questioned by Secret Service agents on Tuesday. “If I had it to do all over again, I absolutely wouldn't have done it. It was not meant to offend anybody. It was just supposed to be a decoration.”

The episode was initially touched off by complaints from neighbors, which eventually led to local media reports and a visit from police at the beginning of the week. Million said the Secret Service interviewed him and asked for his information, but took no further action.
John Sununu is a controversial conservative agitator who has in the past few months riling up White voters with dog whistle rhetoric that paints Blacks as an "enemy".
Inflammatory displays -- whatever their actual intents or purposes -- have grown increasingly controversial as the nation approaches Election Day. A speech at the Republican National Convention by actor Clint Eastwood to an empty seat that was supposed to represent Obama set off a wave of empty chair "lynching" displays.

Others have been more direct and vitriolic. A yard sign in Aspen, Colo. that read "Kill Obama" recently drew the attention of the Secret Service, who paid the property owner a visit.

President Barack Obama is virtually tied with Mitt Romney in the (White) women vote. The president only has less than 40% of the White vote. (White) men vote is strongly for Mitt Romney.

This could spell a problem if the president can't pull enough of the vote.

But clearly, there's no doubt about it, but race is a factor to the election and the Republican Party and their conservative allies are willing to push the bar lower in order to win this election.

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