Sunday, October 14, 2012

White Rice!

Republicans are trying to marginalize the Black vote.
For every time a conservative white person says Blacks are voting only on race, I will kindly ignored them and proceed to the voting booth. I will no longer accept that excuse in any formation by any person who opposes President Barack Obama. I have no patience for that! And certainly many other Black voters are not interested in being told who to vote for!

In their latest attempt at voter suppression, the stories of the "Black Pass" gets thrown around by pundits of all spectrum. The Drudge Report puts up a story from the Associated Press and the Breitbart News and Redding News Review gets headwinds and butt plugs out on it!

It's the cause de jour of painting one group as an enemy! It's an attempt to paint Black voters as colorblind.

It's an attempt by conservatives to paint Blacks voters as dependent on keeping "our brotha, Barack Obama in the White House!"

This nonsense of being a Black voter voting for the Black president is another desperate attempt at NIGGERIZATION of President Barack Obama.

The Republican Party has depended on a low turnout of Obama's key voters: young, Hispanic/Latinos, Blacks, well educated and LGBT.

They've tried to put forth legislation that could hurt low income registered voters. They've put billboards that warn individuals about voter fraud and sent mailers to residences telling them to vote on November 7, 2012, a day after Election Day. These people went to websites that cater to negative and even condescending reactions towards the Black community and President Barack Obama in general. They've probably tossed around a few racial slurs in the comfort of their private functions, friends and family members.

The Republican Party of today comes off as extremely condescending, overreaching, bigoted and irrational in the minds of Black and Latino voters.

The NIGGERIZATION of Barack Obama by the Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement.
The Republican Party's candidate Mitt Romney comes off as a panderer of the political winds. He'll say or do anything to win. He doesn't care about the middle class. If he did, why on earth would he try to say that 47% of the American public are dependent on the government and relish in victimization?

They've put out their best representatives of Black Republicans. Jesse Lee Peterson, Alveda King, Allen West, Condoleezza Rice, Mia Love, Herman Cain, Artur Davis and even actress Stacey Dash are front and center. They're trying to rebound the ZERO support Mitt Romney's getting from the general Black population.

What gets more frustrated with Republicans and their conservative allies! It's the blatant disrespect of me the American voter.
Cleveland, Ohio, a majority Black city has been swamped with billboards that intimidate Black voters. The billboard is an ploy to create voter suppression.  It is a crime if a person attempts to commit voter fraud. 
I know I am a Black person! I didn't waste most life trying to deny myself as a Black person!

I follow politics well enough to know who is capable of being an elected leader and those who aren't proven!

Mitt Romney isn't a proven leader. He couldn't beat Senator John McCain (R-Arizona). Why would any rational American think an inconsistent politician like him is capable of winning?

Is the so-called liberal media in the tank for Mitt Romney? Are they looking for a rat race? Who actually does these polls?

Why is it that now, that since we elected the first Black president, all this stuff about Black voters being "colorblind" front and center of these political debates?

Didn't John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and many other Democratic politicians get a high Black voter turnout?

Why hasn't Shirley Chisholm, Jesse Jackson, Carol Moseley Braun, and Al Sharpton never managed to win the Democratic nomination for president?

Why hasn't Alan Keyes or Herman Cain never managed to win the Republican nomination for president?

Even Republican hero Ronald Reagan won two landslide elections with at least a strong Black voter turnout!

So my question to those who pander in the mud?

What the hell are you thinking?

Mitt Romney, being a white male already has him leading in the White male vote! White male voters are the most pessimistic voters out there. They strongly disapprove of the president's handling of most issues. Of course, they look at the president as inferior. If these individuals are conservative, it's likely they're the irrational, delusional, condescending, homophobic, Islamophobic, overreaching, reactionary bigots!

In the minds of White people, if President Barack Obama loses reelection, they'll see race riots in the cities and chaos. Gun owners will grab their firearms and prepare for the upcoming race war!

These notions are thrown around by White supremacists, conservative talk radio and bitter Americans who are unease with a Black president.

Let me repeat this notion for those who think politics is Black and White!

If you're so focused on Blacks voting on Barack Obama, why are you not focused on why Whites voters supporting Mitt Romney?

And on this note of the safety net! Sometimes, I wish we lived in a society where we kill for gains!

This over-dramatization of government dependency is driving me nuts. I don't care about government free phones, food stamps, welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Headstart, farm aid and other entitlements. Without the safety nets, these people will come into your neighborhood rob or kill you of your luxuries. Yeah, there's some who take advantage of the government! But government entitlements are a drop in the bucket. Republicans would pass intrusive laws to make it harder for the poor to receive safety nets.

For every freaking war! Every freaking natural disaster! Every government handouts to the banks or private industries! These assholes in the Republican Party and of course their allies in the conservative movement look the other way! They would rather spend their lives bullying the Black community, the Latino community, the LGBT community and the poor and needy.

So again, if you're tired of being marginalized by the likes of Matt Drudge, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage, what you need to do is vote!

If you don't want a culture war president like Mitt Romney, you need to vote!

If you want to move this country forward, you need to vote!



Help put Barack Obama back into the White House.

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