Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Dirty Politics Stink!

A Local 12 viewer took this photo of a pile of horse manure dumped at the Warren County Democratic Headquarters on October 9, 2012. (Sent by Local12.com viewer, WKRC-TV)Vandals spread manure over an Obama Headquarters in Ohio!

Boy, I'll tell you what! I'll forever etch in stone my disgust towards the Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement.  They're playing dirty and I really mean dirty politics!

I'll respect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan if they win this election and become the leaders of the United States. I will not say words that instigate division such as "I hope he fails"! The same comments made by one Rush Limbaugh!

I will say that race is always been a factor!

From Matt Drudge to Sean Hannity, with Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin added, I'll say the race-baiting was the factor to Mitt Romney winning this election.

I can assure you that the liberal agitators will seek revenge against the Republicans and become even worse than Rush Limbaugh and his fellow conservative agitators if President Barack Obama should lose!

I'll conclude that White men are intimidated by the rising demographics of women, people of color, those who are gay and those who practice in Islam.

Nonetheless, we're in the phase of political haywire. In the all important swing state of Ohio a bunch of jackasses spread horse manure around the Warren County, Ohio Obama for America/Democratic Headquarters.

Volunteers at the Warren County Democratic headquarters say they are shocked and disappointed by a political prank played on them early Tuesday morning.

Someone dumped a pile of horse manure in the parking lot of the headquarters building on U.S. 42, just north of Lebanon.

Warren County Democratic chair Beth Goldenfield tells Local 12 that the pile was dumped in the parking lot, blocking the entrance to the building, sometime between 10 p.m. Monday and 9 a.m. Tuesday. A report was filed by the party with the Warren County sheriff's department.

Goldenfield says no one has claimed responsibility for the prank.  She says this election cycle has been "very contentious", and says an unprecedented number of party signs have been stolen leading up to today's incident.  Goldenfield goes on to say, "It's really unfortunate that people can't have respectful disagreements... We're not going to be discouraged by it. It's just very disappointing. It will probably motivate our people even more but it's also a very disrespectful thing to do."

The building does have security cameras. Goldenfield says the building landlord cleaned up the mess, and the party will not have to pay for the cleanup.

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