Friday, October 19, 2012

Man Working For GOP Busted For Throwing Away Voter Registration Forms!

In the crucial state of Virginia, a worker for a firm required to register new voters threw them away.

A young man who works for a firm that assist in *GASP* helping Republicans.

You think the Republican desperation is there? Mitt Romney made a surprising turnaround in the polls. After numerous disastrous gaffes, the Republican nominee is either leading or closing in with President Barack Obama in the national polls. The electoral college lead the president had is all but evaporated and puts about a handful of states in the hands of either Romney or in toss up columns.

Here's the individual.

This is 23 year old Collin Small. According to Rockingham County Sheriff's office, Small is accused of destruction of voter registration applications, obstruction of justice, and disclosure of voter registration application.

A witness saw voter registrations in the dumpster. And of course the witness tipped off the police.

This is an ongoing issue in this election. They're trying to help Mitt Romney win. They're trying to keep minorities, the poor and the disabled from the ballot boxes.

A young woman in Colorado was trying to register only Romney supporters.

The Republican nominee tells business owners to warn them if they avoid him at the ballot box, they can kiss their jobs goodbye.

Ohio residents in minority neighborhoods are seeing billboards up warning them about voter fraud being a felony. The state governor and secretary of state are trying to cut back early voting on the last three days, defying a Supreme Court ruling.

Arizona, Florida and Wisconsin voters who are Hispanic are getting flyers telling them in Spanish the wrong date for voting. November 6, 2012 is Election Day but some flyers are saying to come vote the next day.

It's getting worse! With the first Black president, the Republicans and its allies in the conservative movement are devising a NIGGERIZATION against Barack Obama.

Early voting is a thorn to the Republican Party. Many Americans who traditional vote on Election Day are usually Republicans. Mitt Romney can't inspire his supporters to early vote (although he's trying)!

President Barack Obama is giving up North Carolina. He's not worried about that state no more! What he's putting his chips on is Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, New Hampshire, Nevada and even Democrat leaning state Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Colin Small could face time in prison for what he's done. It's likely that Small may rat out who put him up to this! Of course, he's a rookie, the professional shyster is either working for his company or a member of the Republican Party. And to make matters worse, the Republican Party of Virginia have no comment about the situation.

Pinpoint, an independent private organization contracted by the Republican Party of Virginia, for purposes of general voter registration.

The forms were discovered on October 15, the deadline for voter registration in Virginia. Local officials said the forms would be counted and that the incident did not appear to be widespread.

In a statement, the Sheriff's office said there was "no indication that this activity was widespread in our jurisdiction; it appears to be very limited in nature" but that "there is the possibility that additional charges may be filed in the future if it is deemed appropriate."

It was unclear whether the voters whose registrations were thrown out were Democrats or Republicans, because Virginia does not register by party.

Brian Moran, the chairman of the Democratic party of Virginia, called on Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and state authorities to investigate whether the recent incident could be tied to a larger effort of voter suppression.

GOP trying to curb advantages to help President Barack Obama win!
"This individual was an employee of the first firm the Republican Party of Virginia hired to do voter registration before they fired that firm amidst allegations of fraud in other states. Virginians deserve answers as to how this person was still working for Republican campaigns here and whether his behavior was directed by his superiors or party officials," he said.

Moran went on to say, "In order to assure Virginians that this was not part of a larger Republican effort, Attorney General Cuccinelli and state authorities must conduct a thorough investigation into how Virginia Republicans conduct their voter registration and turnout efforts on behalf of George Allen, Mitt Romney and Republicans across the state.

In a statement, Republican Party of Virginia chair Pat Mullins called Small's actions "a direct contradiction of both his training and explicit instructions given to him."

"We were alarmed by allegations recently made regarding an individual in Harrisonburg," he said. "The Republican Party of Virginia will not tolerate any action by any person that could threaten the integrity of our electoral process."

Mullins said Small was immediately fired and that the party was "grateful to the local sheriff's office and Registrar for acting so quickly to protect our democratic process and will fully cooperate with any requests made by them."

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