Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Biden: You're Spinning Mr. Ryan!

Martha Raddatz moderates the vice presidential debate with Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) and Vice President Joe Biden. They take on issues such as the economy, foreign policy, the war in Afghanistan, the culture war and their running mates. 
The Vice Presidential Debate in Danville, Kentucky goes to Team Obama. Vice President Joe Biden, in my opinion gaffed and scrambled over the points, but still delivered the hits to Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin).

After a week of discouragement, out of the blue comes President Barack Obama's right hand man to clean up the mess. The vice presidential debate was spectacular. Congressman Ryan did really well. I was amazed that Ryan kept up his Fox News/Drudge/WorldNetDaily talking points without batting an eyelash. Of course, he defended his own budget plan! Of course, the one Romney refuses to endorse himself.

I thought the congressman would clobber Vice President Biden after much of the scrutiny was handed down on the president for his lackluster performance. That lackluster performance gave Republican nominee, the perennial candidate Mitt Romney as boost and he's either tied or leading in some of the polls. The president's failure has eroded his electoral college lead. It landed a handful of easily blue states into toss up! The president has 257 to Mitt Romney 206. The states are so close and Mitt Romney has slight lead in likely voters against President Obama's lead in registered voters. Early voting is hurting Romney. But when the returns come forth, we'll see how it goes!

Things missed in this debate:

Environment/Global Warming
Voting ID Laws

But the debate host Martha Raddatz was criticized by the conservative serial agitators such as The Drudge Report, The Daily Caller and Breitbart News. The conservatives were frustrated over a report that the president attended Raddatz's first wedding when he was then president of the Harvard Review.

Jim Lehrer was criticized by the liberal serial agitators such as The Huffington Post and Talking Point Memo because he allowed Romney to interrupt the president and Lehrer constantly.

Now it's Fox News and conservatives complaining about the vice president interrupting Congressman Ryan during the debate.

Vice President Biden nailed the congressman on Romney's 47% comments and licking their chops over the Benghazi tragedy. The vice president also nailed the congressman on his participation in legislation that allocated the job approval of Congress at historical lows.

We're not even done with this. Conservatives are screaming that the debate went to the congressman and the  vice president was arrogant.

But who cares what they say. Here's one thing that shut them up!


If you vote early, you hurt Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney can't get the motivation of early voters. That's probably why the president leads in registered voters. If Romney fails at carrying Ohio or Florida, he loses.

Republican governors John Kasich of Ohio and Rick Scott of Florida are determined to eliminate early voting. They know that this is an advantage to the president.

So do something about this!


Help elect Barack Obama as the President Of the United States.

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