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Chris Christie To Fox News: Don't You Dare Politicize A Tragedy!

Hurricane Sandy aftermath: Chris Christie warns conservatives to not politicize this tragedy.
Me and LaReyna send our condolences to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Hence, the safety net once again rears its head again!

The safety net includes social security, disability, food stamps, farm aid, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare and yes disaster relief.

With the rising food and gas prices, people are turning to food stamps, food banks and government assistance to keep themselves from landing in the homeless shelter.

Without a safety net, these people will rob and kill those who have the luxuries of having food in the refrigerator or in the pantry. They would steal fuel, water, bread and meat to keep feeding their families. And yet, these Republicans and their conservative allies are thinking the poor are the reasons for the economic recession. Perhaps those who complain about the poor, should walk a day in that person's shoes!

The Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement are heartless when it comes to the lower and middle class. In their warped minds, the lower class and those who are too poor are stealing from the taxpayers by accepting food stamps, welfare and necessaries.

Some of Mitt Romney's supporters are victims of the Hurricane Sandy. They are now realizing that it's essential to have a safety net. So I guess there's no need to whine about the rise in food stamps, welfare or that little thing we call disaster relief!

Mitt Romney attack the president for being a sugar daddy for dependency! Hence forth the NIGGERIZATION of the president.
Mitt Romney loading canned goods. While at a political event in Dayton, Ohio, Romney declared that his supporters will donate cans to the victims. Liberal agitators claim that it's a ploy to win votes.
The president has a to be a commander-and-chief. When there's a disaster, President Barack Obama has to set aside his political differences with Republicans. Hurricane Sandy ruined a whole lot of people's lives.

The Republican governors Bob McDonnell of Virginia, Chris Christie of New Jersey and Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania endorsed Mitt Romney for president. But since this disaster, they've told the media not to play a tragedy for a political event.

I've listened to yesterday's Rush Limbaugh, Neal Bootz and Sean Hannity programs. Besides the bemoaning of the Benghazi attacks and the few polls showing a Mitt Romney lead, they've been harping on President Barack Obama "lackluster" response to a tragedy. Of course, they're sitting comfortably in their radio studios in Florida. Hannity could do his national show from the comfort of his home!
President Barack Obama ordered all federal emergency agencies to cut through gridlock to help victims.
I've read The Drudge Report and its posting misleading headlines. One in particular is the title of misleading government telling people to go on the internet. The gay conservative agitator is trying to undermine the president.

The Fox News host Eric Bolling praised the president's efforts but slammed him for the handling of Libya.

Alex Jones' PrisonPlanet/InfoWars post stories about rioting and looting.

Grover Norquist spent a stack trying to attack the president for his "debt" problems! What does he use?

Well a hurricane and play for the minds of Virginians.

Breitbart is following celebrities who slam Mitt Romney over his disaster relief  being "political stunts."

The Republicans are tight lipped on the situation. They've not spoken in a negative tone about this.
Grover Norquist puts out an ad. The advertising puts the president next to a storm. His idea came before the Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy disaster, and yet it's still in bad taste.
Many people are wondering why is Mitt Romney trying to use a tragedy for political gains?

The Republican Party's biggest microphone on cable has been trying to spin this for another attempt to help Mitt Romney win. This is their ongoing denial of climate change and conspiracies to FEMA death camps. Since they can't find a controversy about the federal government's handling of a disaster, they want to create a controversy about this in order to attack President Barack Obama or those in need of assistance.

They interview New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Let's say that those guys on the couch were shocked to hear such as polarizing figure (and potential 2016 candidate) praise the president!

The bosses over there send a memo, they tip of Matt Drudge. Then after the message is out there, Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, and Brian Kilmeade present the conservative talking point. They regurgitate a line, and their audience soaks it like a sponge. Then it goes through Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage. Then it repeats itself over and over again. And of course, the word salad from conservatives start on Facebook and YouTube, then everywhere else.

Mitt Romney does a photo op with canned goods. Many critics in the liberal media have slammed this attempt as a "sham". The Republican nominee held a political rally event in Dayton, Ohio in which he asked supporters to donate goods to the hurricane relief victims. Some point out that goods are going to states such as Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. States where Romney is locked up with President Barack Obama in the polls.

The guys over at AddictingInfo once again pokes holes in Romney event. They cite LGBT website New Civil Rights Movement's David Badash claims that it's all political when it came to "disaster relief!"

Mitt Romney is sending the supplies he asked supporters to bring to his “non-political” campaign event today — to which Romney invited NASCAR driver Richard Petty — in the battleground state of Ohio, only to victims of Hurricane Sandy in swing states that the GOP candidate has a chance of winning: Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania — not the two areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy: New Jersey and New York.

The president suspended his campaign and is going to meet Governor Chris Christie and local residents. Of course, conservatives aren't happy about this. They'll be attacking him regardless.

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