Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Man Throws Coins At Obama Supporters!

The mentally disturbed are being riled up on the misinformation by those in the conservative media. A Florida man goes into a Democratic office and begins to throw a penny at supporters of President Barack Obama.

According to The Smoking Gun, this individual has a known history of harassment.

Could the next time this person come inside a Democratic office with a firearm?

The possibility could occur if the person gets back out and revisit his strategy!

This report comes from South Florida. An area that is a swing and it seems like Republican nominee Mitt Romney has a slim advantage in the all important state. There is a report that the president's campaign may concede the state and North Carolina. The president's primary focus may swing on Ohio, Colorado and Virginia.

The Broward-Palm Beach New Times reports that Gary Root is a 71-year-old registered Republican from Naples, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge after he protested Obama in the most sarcastic way ever.

Root was apparently unhappy with being taxed, so he went over to his local Democratic Party headquarters and threw a penny at the workers inside the office, a Collier Country Sheriff's Office report says .

According to the report, Root says he "tossed in a penny as a contribution as that's all he has left after being taxed by Obama."

Good one, guy!

Root was arrested and charged with trespassing. In a nutty twist to the whole story, Root had to post $1000 bond to get out of jail Sunday. He could totally throw a penny at the judge in protest, but he already did that bit.

Apparently, Root has been a nuisance with that specific Democratic Party office before.

Back in May, he received a trespassing warning following an incident at the Naples Democratic Club at 13040 Livingston Rd., and workers described him to police as "an ongoing problem."

According to the report, Root would continually open the office door and start yelling things about Obama to the workers.

Since apparently yelling at a bunch of strangers wasn't getting the message across, this time around, he came with a prop. He opened the door, yelled bad things about Obama and taxes, and tossed the penny inside the office.

When the arresting officer explained to Root that opening an office door and throwing things at people inside that office is considered trespassing, Root's argument was, "No one owns that door."

That's the problem with this country, man. The government just has too much control over your taxes and doors. Vote Romney!

Again, this is what Republican Party caters to! A bunch of extremists who think that patriotism is basically "disrespecting the president who happens to be a Black person!"

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