Sunday, September 30, 2012

Video Surfaces Of Rick Ross/Young Jeezy Brawl!

Brawl between rappers leads to shooting at BET Hip Hop Awards Show. Rick Ross and Young Jeezy are both Def Jam artists who write songs about cocaine, firearms and the gangsta lifestyle. They're entertainers not gangsters! They had to put on a show to prove to their "stans" they have "street cred!" 
It was reported by the mainstream press that two rappers from the same label got into a heated exchanged behind the scenes at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards. Gun fire occurred after Def Jam rappers Rick Ross and Young Jeezy got into it behind the scenes of the annual event.

Earlier I wrote that it splashed on the conservative news agitator The Drudge Report. This story linked by this website is an assertive dog whistle to White voters. This is an attempt to rile up the White conservative male who apparently supporting Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The angry White male with conservative views are the ones who toss up a "word salad" with racial slurs, Obama name drops, and stereotypes to paint one group as a threat to American values.

The reason why Matt Drudge put this on his website is because President Barack Obama mentioned Young Jeezy in a joke. The rapper wrote the song "My President [Is Black]"! 

Now BET is doing damage control. Of course, you people who are hip-hop stans should know that anytime a hip-hop award show is kicking off, expect a controversial entertainer to make the news.

The Source Awards, The VIBE Awards and BET Awards are solely focused on the hip-hop music industry. 

The hip-hop music industry is on the decline. Rappers are putting the mic down and grabbing scripts. 

It's proven fruitful for entertainers like LL Cool J, Romeo Miller, Queen Latifah, Ice Cube, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, and Ice T. They're more focused on making a career in movies and television.

Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross, Drake, Future, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Gucci Mane are the most sought after entertainers in the music industry. Their songs are most played on hip-hop music stations.

Overall these awards shows aren't nothing but a glitz and glamour thing that the brainless stans flock to the televisions to watch who's the most attractive or the most disgusting. Who's the new "it" couple. The apparent "washed up celebrity" or the surprise of a "famed legend"!

I don't care about awards shows or reality television personally. But if you're interested in it, that's your life.

Anyways this is the TMZ video in which Rick Ross gets angered and shirtless.

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