Monday, June 25, 2012

Stuck In Their Ways: Republicans And Conservatives Are The Least Informed!

Washed up celebrity, former Saturday Night Live comedian Victoria Jackson became the one of the voices of the Tea Party Movement. She represents the mind set of Republicans and their conservative allies. Stuck in their ways! You can't tell her anything! No matter what anyone tells her, she'll still think the president is a foreign invader that's a "socialist". Although she's not a professional bigot, her statements about the president can dog whistle extremists. The Republicans can't stand President Barack Obama. They'll find ways to defeat him and the misinformed White conservative voter is the key to their success.

Barack Obama hasn't done nothing in the three years of being the President of The United States. The common theme of Republicans and their allies in the conservative movement.

The president hasn't provided his birth certificate. The president spent over $2 million trying to have his lawyers to keep the American people from knowing. Even though, President Barack Obama shown both his birth certificates, this issue won't die. The conservatives believe that he's a Muslim or the anti-Christ. They think either he's a Kenyan or Indonesian.

The president takes too many vacations. He spending taxpayer dollars to take vacations in Hawaii, Spain and India. He golfs too much and his fat wife eats bison ribs with apple pie. We don't care if he gets paid annually $400,000 a year, and he's required to pay for his expenses. But to conservatives, that's not an issue, as long as he takes a vacation or spends time with his family, they'll complain.

The president is acting like Richard Nixon when it comes to executive orders. He's withholding documents in relation to Operation Fast & Furious. This issue is big as Watergate, and the media ignores this! This is a political witch hunt that started back in 2010, when Republican lawmaker Darrell Issa of California tried to push his radical hearings on the administration. He even declared that President Barack Obama is the most corrupt leader to ever be elected.

The president is acting like Jimmy Carter when it comes to the economy. How much have you spent on gasoline? The president wants gas up to $8 a gallon and wants us to drive Prius and public transportation. He wants put solar panels on the White House. He's hoping to pass a fairness doctrine to silence conservative talk radio. Even though this would be a consideration by his progressive supporters, President Barack Obama hasn't taken anyone's guns, anyone's rights to speech, or anyone's thoughts of dissent.

The president wants to be like George W. Bush when he's taking credit for the former president's successes. If it wasn't for Bush we wouldn't have caught Osama bin Laden. GM and Chrysler would be in toilet because of the policies Bush left for President Barack Obama. The president using drones in foreign nations and declaring war without approval for Congress. When Bush was in office, Congress agreed with him in going into Iraq and Afghanistan. When Stanley McChrystal  asked the president to give him a troop surge, Obama ignored him for four months. When he gave his the needed troops, he only got less than requested. So you're saying that it's the policies that President Barack Obama signed into law worked? Of course, not! You got a candidate who wants Republicans to avoid to talking about improvements to the economy. The only card the foolish perennial candidate wants to play. While his political party is trying to sabotage the president's agenda by delaying votes and filibustering, the political headwinds are bad for any incumbent.

Barack Obama is bowing to foreign leaders, giving praise and support to terrorist groups. Look at the Egyptian election. The Muslim Brotherhood won the presidency and their goal is to see the destruction of Israel. The president would rather support evil murderous Islamist thugs than the people of Israel. He leaves Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after a state dinner when the president got pissy over the prime minister scolding of him. The president rather diss our allies and support our enemies. He's taller than most leaders, and people shouldn't even worry about that. At least President Barack Obama never put his lips on foreign leaders like his predecessor.

Who does Barack Obama think he is? The President of The United States?

This is the word salad according to a conservative. They can't even decide on which issue they want to scapegoat the president with.  Conservatives can't allow Barack Obama chart his own legacy. They have to compare him to the previous presidents of the last 50 years. And being a Black man in the White House, the conservatives would rather use race as a scapegoat when the president's policies aren't aligned to their radical agenda.

The Republicans are so fixated on some of the most trivial things in America. They would rather see the economy tank in order to defeat the president. The political party is trying to stomach Mitt Romney but they'll settle with him over the "Communist In The White House!"

The Republicans riled up over gay activists throwing the middle finger to Ronald Reagan. The official portrait of course. Yet, they send racist emails, disrupt the president during a press conference, call him everything but Mr. President. The Republicans get upset over issues that have nothing to do with what we are facing.

Rehashing 2008 U.S. presidential elections is a tactic of conservative agitators. The Republicans would love the Romney campaign to seek out cracks within the president's allies. They've been on Cory Booker, Bill Clinton, Ed Randell and even Vice President Joe Biden criticisms of the president. The conservatives want Mitt Romney to go after the president over Jeremiah Wright, The New Black Panthers,  Operation Fast & Furious and of course the statement "The private sector is doing fine!"

The Republicans and their conservative allies are professional bigots. They are strengthen by motivating a simplistic group of people who lack intelligence. The Republicans are really hoping to rile up White conservative males into voting against President Barack Obama. The professional bigot would love to see the White conservative male upset over issues. They can't stand him so they'll use dog whistle statements and bumper sticker phrases to get them riled up. The riled up White conservative male will flood the internet comment sections, call-in talk shows, protest rallies with rhetoric that comes off as inflammatory, condescending or even racist.

Science proven that conservatives and racists are simple minded individuals who rally on divisiveness and division.

Yes, it's true! But to a conservative, facts are just liberal lies that the media tell you!

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