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It's Even Happening In Canada! A Man Eats Human Flesh And Mails It To Canadian Legislators! Caught In Germany! [NSFW]

I'm Sexy And I'm Hungry! Interpol found  Luka Magnotta, the Canadian man who murdered a john and mailed his body parts to legislators. This story continues the sensational stories of bath salts and the dangers that follow those who ingest these dangerous things in them. This young man also ate the body parts of the victim.
Now, I am starting to get really irritated with these shocking stories. Another not safe for work story.

This story was brought to attention from conservative news agitator The Drudge Report. Another one of those wacky incidents that involves..... uh wait, this is a White guy. And he's not from the United States!

But the same theme though, a man eats flesh, then goes into some psychotic theme. Police are searching for this one. The last two were Black men who had apparently done bath salts and ended up eating human flesh.

Of course, I forgot to mention the one man who was on bath salts, who threw his intestines at the police.

No coincidence, right?

This guy is doing the same thing, but Interpol is now looking for this gentleman.

Let's first get the real news out of the way. This is the safe one.

Blood thirsty dictator Charles Taylor goes up the creek for 50 years.
A dictator is going to trade his lavish living to become an inmate. Convicted war criminal Charles Taylor, 64 was sentenced to 50 years in a United Nations sanctioned prison in the United Kingdom.

Born in Liberia, educated in the United States and UK, Charles Taylor has ruled the country for six years as a war leader. He engaged in the massacre of his fellow people. Taylor advocated children to become either soldiers in the Sierra Leone or Rwandan armies or sex slaves to perverts overseas.

The curtain finally fell on the often cordial but yet brutal Taylor. Taylor was sentenced to spend the reminder of his life in prison. Even some of his children were detained and held for war crimes against humanity.

Well if you put it into the prospective, this doesn't bring closure to the millions of lives who suffered under the oppressive leader. But it does give a little sense that you're never powerful when the world is closed down on you!

Now onto the shock and gore that drives viral stories.

Luka Magnotta, is a wanted man. A man who had Canadian legislators scared up. I am guessing he went on a bath salt binge just like the other one in Miami who beat a homeless man and then ate his face.

This one is a prize winner for the insane.

This young man is a former male model and gay porn star who frequent "the stroll". For those who haven't heard of phrases like "the stroll", its a lingo for sex workers (prostitutes and online sex workers) to meet clients in areas that frequently known as problem areas in an urban community.

I assume this "friend", a Chinese man was a trick looking for a pleasure service. I don't believe the causal relationship crap. I guess they got into it over money or some kind of issue and the Magnotta freaked out and killed the man. Then he hacked off the man hands and feet and sent it to the respective political parties of Canada. It's was said that he ingested parts of the man's body.

Again let's think other than oral sex, people!

This is still a not safe for work story.

When the police zeroed in on this person, he fled North America, and is still on the loose. When they checked his Montreal apartment, they've found the remaining headless torso in a suitcase and a disturbing video of him feeding a kitten to a snake.

Now looked upon by Interpol, the international police organization, Magnotta is either hiding in the United Kingdom or portions of Europe.

Until his recent capture, this person was considered dangerous and suicidal. German authorities aided by the International Police Organization (Interpol) caught the suspect near Berlin.

According to the Toronto Star, Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, who is believed to have fled to France. Police say they plan to charge Magnotta with second-degree murder and interfering with the dignity of a dead body.

Magnotta is the sole suspect in a bizarre and grotesque killing in which the victim was cut into pieces and body parts were sent through the mail. A foot ended up at the headquarters of the ruling Conservative Party of Canada in Ottawa. A hand was also mailed, destined for the Liberals.

Meanwhile, China’s Consulate General in Montreal asked for the community’s help to find 33-year-old Lin Jun, who hails from the east-central Chinese city of Wuhan. Family and friends, the consulate stated, lost contact with him on May 24.

Lin arrived in Montreal in July 2011. A spokesperson for the consulate said she didn’t know why he came to Montreal or what he was doing here. A May 30 posting on its website is entitled: “Find Lin Jun.”

A police source confirmed to La Presse on Thursday evening that Lin is the victim in the case and that he was a student at Concordia University in Montreal.

Police have said the video is authentic. “We have all the reasons to believe it is the killing,” Montreal police Commander Ian Lafreni√®re said. Police also believe the victim in the video, an Asian male, is the same one whose body parts were sent to Ottawa.

The video was posted May 25 to a Canada-based website that deals with death and gore.

It shows the perpetrator repeatedly stabbing then dismembering the victim. It also appears to depict cannibalism and sexual defiling of the body.

In the background is the song “True Faith” by New Order, notable for its presence in the film American Psycho.

Police sources also said the victim was in a romantic relationship with the suspect. The two lived fairly close to each other in Montreal’s west end.

Magnotta was born in Scarborough as Eric Clinton Newman. It appears he has lived in several places and police say he has adopted several different identities.

In 2005, he pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud under $5,000 and impersonation. He received a nine-month conditional sentence and 12 months probation.

There is no shortage of material about Magnotta both online and off, much of it impossible to authenticate. The bulk of it suggests self-promotion.

There are also mentions that raise questions about mental illness and possible links to notorious sex killer Karla Homolka.

A few years ago Magnotta tried out for a Canadian gay reality TV show called Cover Guy. “A lot of people tell me I’m really, devastatingly good looking,” he tells the judges. “I’m very determined and every goal I put my mind to I surpass.”

But the judges think he’s too skinny for the contest and decline to put him through to the next round.

In posing for Toronto gay magazine Fab when he was 22, he tells the magazine he wanted to be a police officer.

There are photos of him with what appears to be a girlfriend. There are also online indications that he fathered a child. One video posits that Magnotta’s child died.

Magnotta moved to Montreal about four months ago, according to the manager of a rundown apartment building where the suspect rented apartment 208. He said he moved to the city to be closer to his child.

On Thursday, Nina Arsenault, a former girlfriend, told the Toronto Star that Magnotta had a temper and “if it went on it was terrifying.”

Arsenault, a transsexual who dated Magnotta 10 years ago, said he spoke very briefly of his family, but when he did there was “always red hot anger.”

“He hated his dad. He hated his family and said they didn’t understand him and he had to get away from him.”

Arsenault said she saw him pick fights with people on the street during their three-week relationship.

The two met at Remington’s, a Yonge St. strip club. Arsenault said Magnotta worked there as a stripper, adding he was also an escort and did live sex shows via web cam.

She said Magnotta exhibited a number of eccentricities, including banging his head in the shower and hitting himself quite regularly.

Magnotta is well known among animal activists, who have put together an online portfolio accusing him of being a torturer of cats and kittens.

A 2007 article under his name talks about mental illness.

“I am Manic Depressive or Bi Polar,” it reads. “One day im normal, the next i cant get out of my bed and then next week I want to conquer the world lol.”

May and June has been the months of gross out stories. You have an incident where a pop star causes a panic in the country of Norway. You have a man who freaks out on bath salts and eats the face of a homeless man in Miami. Recently, there's a story of a Maryland man who eats the brain and heart of his former roommate. Now here's a gay porn star accused of sending packages of decapitated body parts to legislators in Canada. He's on the loose and is likely to kill another person in the rage of bath salts or some jilted thrill.

You can read the rest of the story at the Toronto Star or here at Journal De La Reyna.

Again, I have no ills towards the gay community. They are human beings and they're entitled to live their lives as I, a straight person. But this kind of stuff attracts the anti-gay bigots, conservative agitators and White supremacists. These stories beg for conservative agitation.

When the women's movement, the Black, Hispanic/Latino and GLBT communities have a few fucked up individuals, it gives conservatives a reason to say that it's always these guys that continue to push forth the division among us. And even in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, there are people who are conservatives.

Conservatives do get tired of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, callous, overreaching, condescending, reactionary, pain inducing morons. A theme that  those in the progressive movement paint them out to be!

Progressives do get tired of being called dirty, no job having, government leaching, save the trees loving, peace mongering, race hustling, badge carrying Communists. A theme that those in the conservative movement paints them out to be!

I don't give a crap what political affiliation you represent. I can tell you both here reading, that you're both equally freaks and capable of doing things that drive these agitating stories!

So anything else to excite your mind?

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