Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Man Eats Human Flesh! Cops Arrest This One!

Another disturbing incident that has the news agitators now panicking over Blacks eating human flesh now.
This is another story that is not safe for work. The latest incident of bath salt rage comes out of Maryland, where a student attending Morgan State University becomes the head of the class. No pun intended. This is another disturbing case of how ingesting bath salts contributes to deadly incidents. According the liberal news agitating website, The Huffington Post, a man named Alexander Kinyua ate his college roommate's brain and heart.

Get ready for another snide comment from the online bigot community about this guy being "one of [Obama's] sons!" Since he's from Nigeria, they'll mistake him as a Kenyan and want to see his birth certificate of live birth.

The 21 year old man attended Morgan State University. Kinyua's disgusting incident will attract another international buzz, and yes this time the police arrested him.

Once again, this story begs for agitation from white supremacists and conservatives who spend their time scaring up white people about those scary black thugs who now pose a threat to human flesh.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the young man was living with the victim when they got into a dispute. I guess after he got those bath salts in his system, he went forth to decapitating his roommate. He scattered the body parts across Maryland. He found religion and eventually confessed to the police.

The arrest of Alexander Kinyua came almost a week after Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, 37, went missing, and followed a search of the home the two men apparently shared in the 500 block of Terrapin Terrace in Joppatowne early Wednesday morning, police said.

Courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times/ABC News.

Kinyua, an electrical engineering student who until January was involved in the ROTC program at Morgan, was ordered held without bail at a court appearance Thursday afternoon.

Monica Worrell, a spokeswoman for the Harford County Sheriff's Office, said today that Agyei-Kodie had been reported missing, but information collected by detectives "didn't pass the smell test." On Monday, police released a public appeal for help in locating him.

This incident comes fresh after an incident just about a week ago where a Florida man named Rudy Eugene went on a drug binge and ended up attacking and mutilating a man's face. The Miami-Dade County Police had to use deadly force in order to stop the horrible incident.

What's going to stir the bee's nest is the fact these incidents were caused by Black men.

There's one jerk who spends all his time on a worthless blog trashing the Black community. I am guessing he'll pick up on it after he goes through his bookmarks and finds The Drudge Report as his resource.

There's nothing better than a Black man looking for the nutritional value of human flesh.

The Baltimore Sun added that Kinyua also directed police to Towne Baptist Church, in the 500 block of Trimble Road, to find the rest of the remains, which were found in a Dumpster on the property, according to charging documents.

The case comes on the heels of a shocking incident in Miami. A naked man believed to be high on bath salts ate another man's face, and New Jersey, where a man disemboweled himself and reportedly threw his intestines at police officers. Police there say they aren't sure whether the man, Wayne Carter, was on drugs or suffering from mental illness.

At his first court appearance, defense attorney Lynne McChrystal requested that reasonable bail to be set in the case, adding that Kinyua has been in Harford County for six years and in Maryland for nine years. He is self-employed and performs consulting work, she added.

Courtesy of YouTube.

Upon questioning by Judge John L. Dunnigan, Kinyua said that all of his family members resided in Maryland and he was originally from Nairobi, Kenya.

Assistant State's Attorney Trenna Manners cited those out-of-country ties, as well as the "grisly" nature of the crime, when she asked for Kinyua to be held without bail.

The charges are not Kinyua's first in recent weeks, and a previous arrest and Kinyua's online postings point to a troubled man. In January, he was disenrolled from the ROTC program after two-and-a-half-years of participation, said Lt. Col. James Lewis, a professor of military service who oversees the program. Officials said it followed a disciplinary incident.

Then on May 20, Kinyua, who otherwise does not have a criminal record in Maryland, was charged with first-degree assault and reckless endangerment in Baltimore in connection with an incident that allegedly occurred May 19 at the Thurgood Marshall apartments, according to court records.

In that case, according to police, Kinyua "randomly" attacked another Morgan State student in a doorway of the apartment complex with a baseball bat, then fled into a nearby wooded area. The victim, listed as Joshua Ceasar, suffered fractures to his skull, arm, shoulder, as well as blindness to his left eye. The first responding officer saw Ceasar stumbling toward her, with blood coming from his forehead, and the officer noted a large amount of blood in the doorway.

Kinyua was ordered held on $220,000 bond in that case, and university officials said the school was in the process of expelling him.

On May 25, what appeared to be a plea from his parents for help paying Kinyua's legal fees in the case from was posted on the website, a Kenyan news site. The post, which has since been removed, said Kinyua had been arrested for "being involved in a fight in his dormitory room at Morgan State University."

The online plea says, "In order to get him the best defense possible, we need to secure an attorney who will take his case and leave no stone unturned."

It also states a fundraising event was scheduled at the International Christian Community Church on Sunday. He was scheduled to appear at a preliminary hearing in that case June 19.

To view the rest of this story go to the Baltimore Sun website. Also I want to make note that the Rudy Eugene controversy that I've written has went viral. Also there's another controversy out of Montreal. A man murders his "trick" and eats his flesh then mails it to Canadian lawmakers.

I want to congratulate La Reyna for getting recognition for the hard work she obtained in making the blog succeed. Thank her for the many years of hard work. I wish you well your success.


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