Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Papa John's Founder N-Tapped A Conference Meeting!

Papa John's take a bigger hit in popularity. Its founder, John Schnetter said a racial slur during a conference call.

Papa John's founder may have sealed his fate with people of color.

I will no longer put a dollar into Papa John's Pizza. Trust me, he may be another victim of the Donald J. Trump economy. The third largest pizza company lost support of the NFL after founder John Schnatter complained that players taking a knee to protest was hurting his business.

Now his company definitely took a hit after reports that Schnatter used NIGGER during a conference in May. He was on a call with Laundry Service, a marketing firm that helps struggling businesses regain footing. On a phone call, Schnatter said, "Colonial Sanders called black niggers." and complained the KFC founder never faced a backlash. The call was a role-playing exercise for Schnatter to prevent future public-relations fumbles.

There are reports he used to joke about them good ol' days in Kentucky. He used to joke about Black people being dragged by cars when he grew up.
You are the official pizza of white extremists. Congratulations.
Laundry Services allegedly severed ties with Papa John's soon after. The comments were made in May but leaked to the press this week.

Schnatter stepped down as CEO of the company this year after his investors lost faith in how he ran the business. He took a side role and is likely to resign as its spokesman.

Schnatter is a strong supporter of Donald J. Trump. He believes that workers were suffering under the Affordable Care Act and said he had to raise prices of his products to offset health coverage.

Now this bit of scandal all but surely damaged his brand.
Pizza man and the white turd. John Schnatter chats with Mike Pence.
The company issued a statement saying that it "condemns racism and insensitive language, no matter the situation or setting. Our company was built on a foundation of mutual respect and acceptance."

That troll tagged the pizza company as the official brand of the alt-white.

Well, Louisville, Kentucky is the hometown of Schnatter. Will Louisville-Jefferson County officials sever ties to the biggest company in the metro?

Hey, Mitch McConnell, Todd Young, Joe Donnelly and Rand Paul. You can now have the pleasure of eating at Papa John's. You won't find any Black folks bothering you. They may eventually spit on your pizza, you rotten lawmakers.

Papa John's is officially trash to me. I will no longer eat or step foot in that place. Sorry to all Black workers and franchise owners, I don't want to associate my money to a far-right bigot.

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