Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Woman Pulls The Burner On Shoppers!

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A woman pulls out a burner on shoppers at Walmart.
If John Crawford III would have done that inside a Walmart. But since he was a few shades darker, he would have not survived the moment. Back in 2014, Crawford was at a Dayton, Ohio Walmart and he picked up a toy BB gun. He would ended up being killed by Beavercreek cop Sean Williams.

Williams didn't even give Crawford time to drop the toy. He was shot and killed.

Williams would walk a free man after this.

A Michigan mother pulled a burner on two shoppers at a Novi, Michigan store. The city of Novi is about 20 miles from downtown Detroit.

The woman who pulled the gun on shoppers was white.

An argument broke out between two pairs of women over a notebook on the shelf at the Novi Towne Center Walmart. The fight involved two Famington Hills residents and two from South Lyon.

Police report that the woman who is a valid conceal carry pulled the burner out of her purse.

The police called this a senseless act of violence on both sides.

There were no arrests at this time.

But if charged, the women could be charged with assault to felonious assault with a firearm.

The woman is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Hypocrisy at its best. Michigan is an open carry state.

At least this woman could at least live to do this crazy shit again.

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