Thursday, September 07, 2017

TGI Fridays Won't Survive The Weekend!

Casual food chain TGI Fridays are closing up unexpectedly in my community. It's a pattern that is not just here but nationally.

The TGI Frudays in the rust belt city of Dayton, Ohio are closing, stripping the namesake and leaving many of its loyal workers in the unemployment line.

I guess this is what "Make America Great Again."

Unemployment will soon skyrocket with the looming retail collapse of Sears Holding Group. The oldest retailer in the nation could trigger a domino effect that could affect big box stores, restaurants and online shopping.

Granted we also have devastating hurricanes, wildfires and uncertainty with Washington, DC passing anything that could help help Americans find work or get benefits when they're laid off.

The owners of the restaurants say the lease negotiations were a primary factor to the two locations closing up shop.

Nearly 100 employees will have to find another line of work. Granted we have unemployment in the city of Dayton at a rate of 6% for unemployment.

The Bristo Group which owns the company is having trouble trying to keep up with the trends.

Young patrons aren't interested in the dining experience.

The two stores in the Dayton area have closed. The one in Huber Heights and Miamisburg both closed up leaving only the Beavercreek location as the sole location for the Dayton area.

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