Saturday, September 09, 2017

Eric Bolling's Son Passed Away!

Eric Bolling's only son passed away.

More bad publicity hits the former Fox News host.

Eric Bolling's only child Eric Chase Bolling was found dead by the local authorities. He may have committed suicide by an apparent drug overdose.

Eric Chase was driven to madness over his father's cannon firing.

He was found at a location off campus. He was studying economics at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Bolling and his wife Adrienne both express shock at the news of their son's sudden passing. Bolling found out five hours after he was fired out the cannon over at Fox News.

This bit of news wraps up a disasterous year for Bolling.

Bolling was accused of sending lewd pictures of his inches to women. He was placed in the freezer after the Huffington Post released an expose about the misbehaving over at Fox News.

Bolling was accused by Andrea Tantaros and Caroline Heldon of sending inappropriate pictures to them.

Bolling was the host of The Specialists at 5pm. He was promoted from The Five to have his own show with commentators Eboni K. Williams and Kath Timpf.

Fox News cancelled the show as soon as they announced Bolling was fired out the cannon.

Charles Payne returns back to Fox Business. Back in July,  the no neck Black conservative agitator was placed in the freezer after he admitted to having an affair with a Republican consultant, Scottie Nell Hughes. He blacklisted her from Fox News after she refused to leave her husband for him. He had a three year affair with Hughes while his own wife was fighting a brutal illness.

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