Friday, September 08, 2017

Eric Bolling Fired Out The Cannon!

Fox News fires Eric Bolling out the cannon.

Another one bites the dust. Fox News lets go of another Trump supporting agitator.

Eric Bolling is officially fired out the cannon. The conservative agitator who recently got promoted to host The Specialist was caught up in a sex scandal.

Who will be the next conservative agitator to fall?

Ann Coulter
Alex Jones
Michelle Malkin
Mark Levin
Jim Hoft (The Gateway Pundit)
Matt Drudge (The Drudge Report)
Jeanine Pirro
Joseph Paul Watson (InfoWars)
Tucker Carlson
Sean "Softball" Hannity

The allegations of Bolling sending pictures of his inches got him pulled off of the network. He and Charles Payne were caught up in allegations of sexual harassment.

Payne is off the air at Fox Business. He allegedly had an affair with a Republican consultant while his wife was ill. He got her blacklisted from appearing on Fox because she refused to leave her husband for him.

Bolling was also a frequent host on The Five. Bolling got a promotion after the April cannon firing of Bill O'Reilly. He had hosted The Specialists with Eboni K. Williams and Kat Timpf.  He hosted the show for four months before the scandal broke.

Now the show is officially cancelled and Fox News decided to fill the void with news coverage until they prepare Tomi Lahren for the spot.

Last month, he was placed in the freezer after a HuffPost writer unearthed allegations of Bolling sending inappropriate text messages to two former guests.

Bolling denied any wrongdoing and threatened to sue HuffPost and their writer Yashir Ali for $50 million in damages.

He also was accused by former Fox commentators Caroline Heldman and Andrea Tantaros of sexual harassment.

Good riddance to him. That asshole got what's coming to him.

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